Short: Just A Little Heart Attack

February is known for love and roses but it’s also Heart Health Month. Heart disease and your heart’s health is nothing to take lightly. Every year 715,000 Americans have heart attack (Imagine how many people in other countries). Out of that number 600,000 people die from heart disease. I never really took a second to even think about all of this until April of last year. My mother suffered a stroke. I’m glad I was able to reach her within minutes and rushed to the Emergency Room. As it draws closer to a year since it happened she is still not 100% but she has made tons of progress. Since then I’ve done tons of reading on the subject and have asked lots of questions. One day that I took her to a doctors appointment I saw this short film in the waiting room and I thought it was fantastic. Elizabeth Banks created this film to educate women on the subject and she did it in a way that has so much humor but with the main message still coming across awesomely. Don’t ignore the signs!


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