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Jennifer Grey stars in this Tales From The Crypt presented film directed by Avi Nesher. After getting her medical license revoked Dr. Alice Dodgson (Grey) accepts a job in Jamaica to try to help treat a man’s brother that they think is very ill when in fact it’s something much, much worse. Dr. Dodgson becomes entangled in a world of voodoo, zombies and curses. She heads into a culture she has no idea about and tries to find the reason things are happening on the island along with unraveling a darker truth.

The box art of the film is a tad misleading but I can see how it mixes two of things that’s going on in Dr. Dodgson’s story, it’s just that those two things never intertwine with each other. The film started off with a pun filled introduction by The Cryptkeeper himself and that alone took me back to the early 90’s when Tales From The Crypt was on HBO. I’m a sucker for horror. With the TFTC logo in there that’s exactly what I expected but ended up with more of a thriller with some horror elements thrown in which wasn’t a bad thing at all. The film was actually pretty decent and it was interesting to see Jennifer Grey in something like this. As he movie progressed things began to go deeper and deeper into the voodoo mythos and ended with an unexpected finale. Sure some of it had the usual scary movie cliche’s but I wasn’t expecting an Oscar type film. This film was entertaining for what it was. It had mysteries, voodoo, deceit and Jennifer Grey. I think that’s a pretty good combo. Now, just so some guys know (and some girls), there’s a lot of scenes with girls with no bra and see-through shirts that could be a little distracting at times and I felt was a bit unnecessary but I don’t blame them one bit for trying to pull in an audience with it. I probably would’ve done the same thing. For the price tag that this film is going for you should check it out. Also, don’t hit stop after the movie is over because you don’t want to miss more puns from The Cryptkeeper.

Ritual comes to you December 4th from Echo Bridge Entertainment


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