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Harry (Brian Petsos) comes home after hanging out with his cousin Cecil (Oscar Isaac) and find that his dog Jolly has been murdered. What comes next is a drug and alcohol fueled rampage to find out who did this and why.

The film is pretty straight forward with one main point. Even the title pretty much tells you everything. It gets going from the very start which is a good thing but it doesn’t feel like it really goes anywhere. I’m all for dark comedies and all but this just didn’t make its mark for me. The story doesn’t seem to concentrate on details very much (Example: “I didn’t do that thing that I was supposed to do for those guys.”) and in doing that it doesn’t make me connect with it. Even the ending was pretty vague. I’m sure they were trying to allow the viewer to make their own assumption as to what the outcome would be but with a movie that doesn’t explain much form the the get go it takes away from the point they were trying to make. There were a good amount of well known actors in this movie (Kristen Wiig, Elijah Wood, Adam Brody and Ryan Phillippe) but they only made more of “cameo” appearances rather than actually being in the movie with Phillipe probably having the less screen time than the others. I know that this film was trying really hard to be a fast paced dark comedy with gunplay but instead it turned out to be a fast paced let down with lots of senseless killing and no real meat to the story. I very rarely say this but if you were debating on picking up this movie I suggest you pass and maybe grab it from Redbox or VOD or something

Revenge For Jolly! is available May 7th on DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment


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