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Today I have the pleasure of introducing a longtime friend of mine to the readers of Cinema Deviant….Jess from!! She’s going to be giving us her thoughts on the third season on Revenge!

Season Overview:

Emily (Emily VanCamp) pursues a new strategy to take down the Graysons once and for all – on her and Daniel’s (Josh Bowman) wedding day – as turned allies, new enemies, and ghosts from the past threaten to expose her. With an ultimatum from Jack (Nick Wechsler) and her complicated history with Aiden (Barry Sloane) resurfacing, Emily must take extreme measures to ensure her plan goes off without a hitch. But Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) has a new reason to destroy the girl next door, and with her long-lost son by her side, everyone – including Nolan (Gabriel Mann)  – may become collateral damage in Emily and Victoria’s vicious war.

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Season 3 of Revenge definitely had some of the most Oh Em Gee moments of the series so far. The show begins with what will turn out to be the mid-season finale. It was a great incentive to keep watching, just to find what the hell happened. I don’t want to give anything away, but just know SOMEONE gets shot! Most of the episodes are a lead-up to that finale actually, setting it up. They throw in a couple of surprises, but nothing too major. A few new faces join the storyline and I think they added to the story. There was a lot of angst going around, which I really don’t mind. It makes me more empathetic to the characters. The end result, the mid-season finale, had me biting my nails. I liked how they showed us how the master plan to finally take down the Graysons would go down. In theory and in a perfect world, it was pretty genius, but in reality, I think they left too many uncontrollable elements up in the air. I speak as novice Revenge Plot Planner of course, but it just seemed like the plan should have been tighter. But it wasn’t and it completely fell apart on them. But I think the biggest surprise is who does the shooting. Dun dun dunnnn.

So wherein the first half of the season felt like a timeline with a goal at the end, the second half throws so many things at you, I had to remember it was all still the same season. They jumped from one thing to another so fast my head spun at times. They even added more new characters, if you can believe it. Some ended up leaving, but others seem to be sticking around for Season 4. While it did have a rocky beginning and middle, they really pulled it together in the end. Those last few episodes had those Oh Em Gee moments I was talking about before. People died! Like, PEOPLE. I won’t tell you who, but I’ll tell you it’s three. And some were shockers. Still the biggest shocker is that it felt like an actual ending, not another season of them leaving us hanging. You won’t have to ask yourself if this revenge plot will ever end because there’s closure, y’all! It felt like an ending, but the appearance of an unexpected character tells us it could be a whole new beginning to something else. Something bad or something good, I can’t tell. Some might say that the whole show has been leading up to this moment, but I can’t say I was expecting it. I just know that I’m completely in.

Special Features:

Table For Five – Josh Bowman, Nick Weschler, Barry Sloane, Gabriel Mann and Henry Czerny enjoy some downtime at the Stowaway. Rivals on screen and buddies behind the scenes, the men dole out equal parts respect and ribbings as they share details about their beginnings and ending, bromances, and on-set pranks.
Audio Commentary
Deleted Scenes

Revenge: The Complete Third Season is available NOW on DVD from ABC Studios


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