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The Movie:

In Return of the Living Dead: Part II, the chemical Trioxin turned people into flesh-eating zombies. Now, the government is trying to control these unstoppable cannibalistic killers in Return of the Living Dead 3. When a young man uses the chemical to bring his girlfriend back to life after a motorcycle accident, she is driven to eat the only thing that will nourish her…human brains! She tries to stop her own feeding frenzy but a chain reaction has already begun, as hordes of undead are unleashed from their graves!

Zombies. I love zombies. It started with the George A. Romero “Dead” films but it was because of those that I was introduced to the Return Of The Living Dead series. Parts one and two were not the typical zombie films. They broke some of the rules that Romero had established and actually created a fun franchise that was more of the insane “let’s try something new” kind of films. Then we get to this movie and the “let’s try something new” aspect is still present but they took the insanity and scaled it back to the point where it felt like every other serious zombie movie. That’s not at all a bad thing but it was a change from what was the usual insanity. What we got was a movie that tried to feel more in tune with Romero movies as far as seriousness. I’m not at all saying that it was at the same caliber as the Romero movies but it took everything a bit more seriously than what the series was used to. The biggest positive aspect was the make up effects and how much they improved. A lot of the zombies in this movie looked terrifyingly good and for a long time this was up high on my list because of that. Much like every other genre film from the late 80’s/early 90’s the acting isn’t the best but that’s kind of what makes it entertaining. Return Of The Living Dead 3 isn’t the best in the series but it definitely is worth the watch if you’re a zombie fanatic. 7/10

Special Features:

Ashes to Ashes – A really great conversation with Brian Yuzna and John Penney.

Living Dead Girl – Interview with actress Melinda Clarke.

Romeo is Bleeding – Interview with actor J. Trevor Edmond.

Trimark and Trioxin – A neat retrospective on the production company and the time of home video releases.

The Resurrected Dead – This feature takes a look at the make up effects.

Audio Commentary with Director Brian Yuzna

Audio Commentary with Star Melinda Clarke and Special Effects Supervisor Tom Rainone

Return Of The Living Dead 3 is available NOW on Blu-ray from Lionsgate


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