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The Movie:

Return to the Class of Nuke ‘Em High follows a young couple that are up against the school glee club. Unfortunately, the glee club has mutated into a gang called The Cretins. When the other students begin to undergo mutations, our couple must solve the mystery and save Tromaville High School.

Everything you love about Troma and Class Of Nuke’Em High is back in their newest film. The look and feel of the film has gotten way better from what I remember (I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing) but the raunch still stays true to the originals. I love how Troma (and this film specifically) doesn’t take itself seriously one bit. They go straight for the big gross out moments and balance it all out with comedy in the end. It really is the perfect blend of genres with no barriers that hold them back one bit. The hilarious parts are those that reference mainstream pop culture and totally make fun of it. There’s a moment where a character that eats a tainted taco and ends up basically melting away from what’s in the taco and dies on the front steps of the school and what does the student body do? They get close and start taking pictures and saying that they are going to post them to Instagram, Facebook and even Myspace…..yes, Myspace….haha! The film and Lloyd Kaufman are so self aware that they aren’t top in the business and to be honest that’s what makes it so good. They aren’t scared to make fun of themselves. There’s a big difference between a film that is cheesy but tries to be straight about it and a film that KNOWS it’s cheesy. There are some pretty cool cameos (including a very recognizable voice over to intro the film) that prove that Troma has grown to be a company that people kinda dig. If you’re looking for a “Motley Crue”, party kind of movie then this is definitely for you. Just be aware of the possible toxic slime.

Special Features:

Casting Conundrum – Kaufman talks a bit about the casting process as well as showing some of the auditions for the film.

Pre-Production Hell With Mein-Kauf(man) – A look at what went into preparing the film and getting everyone on the same page when it comes time to film.

Special(Ed) Effects – This really shows the real life difficulties that the crew have to endure to make the film. It shows just exactly what goes into making a Troma film.

Cell-U-Kaufman: 40 Years Of Tromatising The World – A collection of testimonial quotes from various people that have been involved with Kaufman’s work or are legitimate fans.

“Architects Of Fear – Edison Device” Music Video – The video for a song that is included in the film.

Return To Nuke’Em High Volume 2 Trailer

P.S. I LOVE the bright green blu-ray case. Something so small looks so cool and stands out on my movie shelf.

Return To Nuke’Em High: Volume 1 is available March 18th on Blu-ray and DVD from Troma Entertainment and Anchor Bay Entertainment


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