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The Movie:

I previously reviewed the film itself earlier in the year. See what I thought about the film HERE

The 3D:

The 3D itself is actually fairly good. The foreground pops really good and the objects that come towards the screen are crystal clear. I don’t particularly like the cheesy 3D moments where characters are blatantly throwing things or shooting into the camera constantly or in a way that you can tell was done specifically for 3D. I think it wasn’t a big deal in the developmental stages of 3D because people were barely experiencing it but now we know it can be done very well so I think it should be done in more of a natural way. There was a few moments where to many things were coming towards the screen at once and caused me to go a bit cross eyed….haha. Now the moments where the camera pans across or above CG environments looks really great and i think that was one of the best looking things of the film.

Special Features:

Deleted and Extended Scenes – I was really impressed that the few extra scenes that were included were presented in 3D. Not a lot of releases do that. They’ll usually just lump them together on a separate Blu-ray disc. The scenes themselves wouldn’t have added much more to the film so I could understand why they were cut. The only scene I thought was rather interesting was Undead Rain/Jill in the Control Room. They explain a bit more why some of the characters from the previous films show up.

Outtakes – A great feature to watch in just about any film. It’s just fun to see actors having a good time and goofing off.

Project Alice: The Interactive Database – An in depth “file system” that shows character bios, various clips and other information regarding the Resident Evil Universe.

6 Featurettes – A lengthy almost hour long (in total) behind the scenes look at the franchise, the creatures, Alice and other characters. This has to be the best thing about this release by far.

Resident Evil Retribution: Face of a Fan – This feature follows the winner of a contest. She won the chance to be an zombie extra in the film and they show here going through the make up process.

The features on this release were actually pretty good and rather enjoyable. I wasn’t a fan of the film itself because of the direction the franchise seems to be going in but if you are a fan of the series or consider these films a guilty pleasure then by all means pick this up. If you dig the “Making of” process then the featurettes alone are at least worth a Redbox rental. If you’re looking for a film that tops the previous RE films then I suggest you pass on this and pop in the first film instead.

Resident Evil Retribution comes to you December 21st from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.


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