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Regular Show is back with the wild and crazy third season and dare I say possibly one of its best. Rigby, Mordecai and the rest of the crew give us the hilarity that we all know and love but this time with a full 40 episodes! One of the great things about this show is that you can easily pop it in and next thing you know you’re halfway through with the season. The best episodes were the ones that could easily be seen as horror type stories that can be pretty thrilling and suspenseful but usually have a softer element to them. For example, there’s an episode with a creepy possessed doll (ie: Chucky or the doll from The Conjuring) that goes after the crew but instead of wanting to kill them it wants to draw on their faces with a marker. If you were to replace the marker with a knife then it would change everything drastically but it’s things like that that they do to appeal to a younger audience and I think it’s great. There are plenty of other episodes like that too and it gives the best of two different genres. If you’ve bought the previous compilations that have been released you may or not be running to the store to pick this up because a lot of the episodes in this season are on those other DVDs buuuuuut if you decided to skip on the others then this is the PERFECT time to pick this up. Everything is here in this set to keep you entertained for about 7 and half hours. Yes, you read that right…..7 and a half hours! For an animated show it has an appeal for various audiences because of its randomness and clever stories. You honestly cannot go wrong with this show and can easily watch it without it getting boring at all.

Special Features:

4 Things You Didn’t Know About J.G. – Quintel goes through 4 stories that actually happened to him and ended up translating into the show. Funny stuff!

J.G. Answers Why – He talks a bit about the thought process that is taken when creating an episode and just how crazy it can get from a very basic and “regular” place.

Characters Come To Life: Live Episode Read – Voice actors from Adventure Time and Regular Show do a live read in front of an audience.

Regular Show: The Complete Third Season is available NOW on DVD from Cartoon Network



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