Recap: The Walking Dead S3 E2 – Sick

S#!&$ about to hit the fan.

The group quickly grabs a food cart and throws Hershel up on top and wheel him out at the same time the newly discovered inmates attempt to come out to see what’s going on. When the get back to their cellblock Daryl stands guard at the entry way anticipating that they were being followed and of course, here come the inmates. After a brief confrontation the two group head outside and give the inmates a rundown of what’s been going on in the world seeing as they have been locked up inside. Rick quickly decides to make a deal with the inmates to clear out a cellblock for them in exchange they get half of their food.

Back inside there’s still no change in Hershel’s condition but the rest of the group is there doing what they can. Beth continues to be positive about her dads’ condition but Maggie’s hope is slowly fading. Rick and the guys come back in with food from the inmates area and he tells Lori the gameplan.  She just lets him know to do whatever has to be done to keep the group safe.

Rick, Daryl and T-Dog head out with the inmates to clear out the cellblock as promised. Rick immediately tells them to stay together and to keep in formation no matter what. As they go after a group of Walkers, Big Tiny (inmate) breaks away from the group and ends up getting scratched after an attack from the Walker. He pleads that it’s only a scratch but  Tomas (inmate), with no hesitation at all kills him with a shot to the head from his pickaxe. He doesn’t stop there though. He continues to bash in Big Tiny’s head repeatedly with no remorse whatsoever and Rick and the guys see that.

They move into the laundry room and prepare to open the main door on the other side which has a horde of Walkers on the other end. The door opens and the undead come pouring in. The group goes on the attack but Tomas panics and throws a Walker at Rick causing him to fall to the floor and almost get bit. After they clear out the area Rick stands face to face with Tomas and he gives Rick a half-assed apology. Rick responds with a machete to his head. The three remaining inmates freak out and one of them takes off running with Rick following right behind. The inmate runs outside into a small recreation yard where theres only one way in and one way out. As soon as he realizes he tries to runs back but Rick quickly shuts the gate and leaves him to be eaten by Walkers. Rick returns to the laundry room and decides to let the remaining inmates stay in the cellblock they cleared out.

They head back to check on Hershel and slowly but surely he’s responding and making progress. He reaches out to Rick and he crouches down and holds his hand for a while then passes it over to his daughters.

This episode really showed how much the group is changing as a whole. Right away you see T-Dog and Daryl not willing to compromise with no one and ready to go down fighting if they have to. As soon as the inmates make their presence known you can see that Rick doesn’t trust Tomas at all. Tomas looks to be only looking out for himself and willing to sacrifice anyone else to ensure he survives. When he threw that Walker at Rick that was the last straw. As soon as I saw that arm come up I let out a “YEAH!”. It’s obvious that Tomas would’ve been a risk to keep around and he really showed his true colors at that point. Now, after all the excitement I started to think that Rick has REALLY changed into someone else. He’s almost unrecognizable from who he was initially. This may be a stretch here but stick with me……….he almost seems more and more like Shane. Sounds crazy but it’s possible that when he killed Shane (for the greater good) that a part of him stuck with Rick in a way. Rick is really realizing that it’s a “Killed or Be Killed” world and he will do what he to to keep his group alive.

Let’s see how the next episode plays out this Sunday on AMC!



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