Recap: The Walking Dead S3 E1 – Seed

Last night The Walking Dead made its return back to AMC. The premiere episode starts off a couple of months down the road by the look of Lori’s pregnant belly. Rick and the gang (not to be confused with Kool and the Gang) are scouring a site for supplies when the zombies come knocking. One by one each survivor took each zombie out that was in their way with ease…….even (sometimes) annoying little Carl was in on the fun. From the looks of it they have all become a fairly well oiled machine, working together and watching each others backs which is a long way from where they first started.

One thing I did notice was the silence in the whole opening sequence. No one said a single word to each other (for obvious safety reasons and to be “invisible”) but believe it or not it pretty much spoke for itself. Carl finds a few cans of dog food and begins to open it in front of the group like he is going to attempt to eat it. They all look at him and you can almost read their minds. Probably thinking “So this is what we have come to? Eating dog food?’. Rick comes by and notices. He grabs the can and takes one look at it and chunks it across the room. The look in Rick’s face says it all. He is determined to keep his group alive no matter what but they will not resort to living like animals.

More Walkers start to close in on the house so they decide its time to leave. They find a back way out and head back to the vehicles and get on the road. They stop a ways down to regroup and figure out a route. Rick and Daryl head off a bit to look around and they come across the (in)famous prison that we caught a glimpse of in the closing scene of Season 2. Rick lets out a small smirk and you know that he just found a new camp for the group. Here’s where things start to get interesting. The prison yard is scattered with zombies so the group devises a plan to clear out the entry portion of the prison to allow them to get in. This is where you really see their teamwork come into play. They have a few people stay outside the fence and they begin to bang on the fence to distract them enough for the other group to get in and take post with their guns. I really like that they had a hint of realism in there with them telling each other to take their time and shoot smart because they only have limited ammo. They setup camp in the area that they cleared out.

Daryl and Carol begin to chat and you can still see the bit of romance that was started in the second season and I’m sure will develop more as the season progresses. Lori tries to convince Rick to stick where they are for a few days but he wants to make a move to head inside the prison in the morning. The tension between the two at the moment is so thick you can cut it with a knife. It’s obvious that Rick is still upset at Lori’s reaction to Shane’s death at the end of Season 2. It’s going to be interesting to see where they head with that.

We get our first full glimpse at the sword wielding character known as Michonne as she makes her way into a general store for supplies and quickly dispatches of a group of Walkers inside. She picks up some aspirin and heads back out.

Morning hits back at the prison and they make their move to head inside. They unlock the secured gate and head inside towards the building. They start to take out the undead one by one until they realize that there’s a whole group of them around the corner from where they are. Also since it is a prison that was mos likely under attack at one point they notice a few zombie SWAT team members in full gear which poses a bit of a problem. They quickly corral the group of Walkers and start to attack the SWAT members. They suddenly realize that they have to attack them from under their chin and one by one they all fall. They head inside carefully and after checking the place out they bring the remaining members of the group inside to setup for the night. They decide that their sleeping quarters will be the prisoner cells. Beth and Carl head into a cell but Hershel steps in and gives him the boot. Looks as though there’s a little crush going on between Beth and Carl which is odd. I’m sure she is seeing it as the “last person on earth” type of circumstance.

Michonne is shown once again heading back to her camp and it’s revealed that the aspirin she grabbed at the general store was actually for Andrea. Looks as though they had been teaming up throughout the winter and no seems to be very sick (possibly pneumonia?). They make the decision to leave their camp and keep moving.

Back at the prison Lori tells Hershel that she fears that she may have lost her baby. She then tells him her fears that the baby could rip her apart from the inside and that if for any reason the baby is born and they both turn then he need not hesitate to put them both down. The guys (excluding Carl) then decide to inspect the area a bit more with SWAT gear on as protection. They start to inspect a different cell block when they suddenly get overrun by Walkers after turning a corner. They try their best to escape and in the process and Glenn and Maggie get separated but duck into a close by room. The group shakes the Walkers and tries to look for them and in the process Hershel gets bitten on the leg by a zombie that was “playing dead” so to speak. The group grabs him and heads into a nearby mess hall where Rick does the only thing he can do to try to keep Hershel alive. He grabs an axe and chops his leg off from the knee down. Hershel passes out and his screams cause a group of shadowy figures to pop up behind a fenced in area. They shine a flashlight and they see that the shadowy figures are actually inmates that survived the attack on the prison.

This premiere episode really started the season out great and is setting everything up nicely. I’ll be tuning in every week, giving a rundown of the episode and throwing a bit of my two cents in as well.

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