Recap: American Horror Story Asylum S2 E4 – I Am Anne Frank: Part 1

Sister Jude is introduced to a new patient that has come to Briarcliff. She attacked a man in a bar after making an anti-Semitic joke. Jude says that her treatment will start in the morning.

Shelley (still strapped to the operating table) asks if she’s going to die and Dr. Arden responds with “After this, you’ll probably live forever.”.

Kit and Grace are in the kitchen and she recounts the events that eventually brought her to Briarcliff. She was wrongfully accused of murdering her family by her step sister. Dr. Thredson tells Lana that he knows Kit, Grace and her left during the movie the night before but that he won’t tell Sister Jude. He lets her know that he wants to help her but he wants to cure her (of her homosexuality) so that way they have no other choice but to release her. In the social hall Lana walks up to the new patient as she’s writing on a paper and asks to give her the pen so that way she doesn’t get into trouble. Dr. Arden walks in and the patient goes directly up to him and tells him he was there at Auschwitz and declares herself to be Anne Frank as she is carried away by guards. In Sister Jude’s the patient lets her know that she (Anne Frank) didn’t die in the Concentration Camp and she ended up marrying an American soldier that brought her to America but became a widow after he died in the Korean War. Dr. Thredson is talking to Kit in his office and tells him he really doesn’t feel like he’s a threat. He says he’s willing to lie to the court but with the condition that in return he must face the truth of what he’s done. Anne now recounts memories of first meeting Arden back in Auschwitz and all of the tests that were done on the women that were held captive. Thredson tells Kit what he thinks happened to him including an incident involving a bank teller. Kit with tears welling up in his eyes denies it all. Jude tells Anne that she doesn’t believe that she says who she says she is and Anne shows her the identifying numerical tattoo on her forearm.

Back in the social hall Lana envisions herself being awarded for going through what she went through at Briarcliff after being wrongfully admitted and that gives her the drive to walk into Thredson’s office and ask for the “therapy”.

Kit is back in the kitchen kneading dough and he starts to angrily punch it. Grace walks in and he lets her know that he is starting to have doubts of his innocence. Grace tells him that it doesn’t matter what he did or didn’t do and that she still wants to be with him. They end up having sex over one of the tables and one of the staff walks in.

Kit and Grace are now in Sister Jude’s office and Sister Eunice picks out a cane for their punishment. Jude lets them know that they need to take one step further and they need to be sterilized.

Two detectives show up on the asylum grounds and question Dr. Arden. Jude walks in and the detectives let her know that they are there because of accusations from the young lady that Arden was with. He maintains that he was there on the grounds the whole time and leaves the room very upset. Thredson starts to show Lana pictures of scantily clad women after giving her some sort of morphine. She starts to throw up and Thredson invites a young man in to further the treatment. Thredson tells the man disrobe and asks Lana to touch herself while touching him. The medicine kicks in again and she begins to throw up. He tells her that the method he’s using doesn’t seem to be working.

Sister Jude tells the Monsignor (Joseph Fiennes) about everything that’s going on but he doesn’t seem to believe her. As soon as Sister Jude steps out the Monsignor calls Arden and lets him know that they are on to him and that if he needs to “clean up” anything he needs to do it now.

Jude lets to Mother Superior know that she knows information regarding Arden’s transgressions and she tells Jude she knows someone that may be able to help her.

Grace and Kit are locked up in cells next to each other and Kit makes her tell him the truth about what happened before she got committed. She tells him that she did kill her family. Her father touched her and when she told her step mother she gave her candy to be quiet.

Dr. Thredson comes to Lana in the social hall and gives her a picture of her lover. He tells her that at the end of the week he’s leaving and he’s going to find a way to take her with him.

Kit is now in Sister Jude’s office and lets her know that he may not remember what happened but since everyone says he murdered those women then he needs to be forgiven.

Dr. Arden throws Anne into his surgery room. He continues to deny who she says he is and she ultimately pulls a gun on him. He comes closer and she shoots him in the leg. She demands the key and when she gets it she opens a nearby door and sees Shelley crawling on the floor saying “kill me”.

The season seems to be building slowly and I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Dr. Thredson seems to want to help Kit and Lana but in a show such as this you always have to suspect everyone. Grace admits she’s not as innocent as she says she was. Arden’s true colors are showing and now we find out that the head of the asylum is in on it. Things are getting interesting but I really hope things speed up a bit or it may cause me to keep from being invested in the season.

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