Recap: American Horror Story Asylum S2 E3 – Nor’easter

In the present Teresa stabs  Bloody Face which gives her just enough time to try to get away while dragging Leo’s body with her. As she tries to make her getaway she runs right into Bloody Face. She turns to run the opposite direction only to see ANOTHER Bloody Face in the distance. He pulls out a gun and shoots the couple then the two Bloody Face’s reveal to be young men in masks. One doesn’t look so excited about what they did and the other looks to be getting a kick out of it. The unsure guy tells the other guy that he feels uneasy about the whole thing and then notices Leo’s arm is ripped off. That’s when they turn around and see the REAL Bloody Face right behind them.

Back in 1964 Sister Eunice comes to Sister Jude and let’s her know that a big storm is coming. She hands Sister Jude some mail and notices a newspaper from 1949 with a headline regarding a hit and run that Sister Jude was involved in. Dr. Arden starts to take a look at the microchip he extracted from Kit’s neck and chops it into pieces. Much to his surprise he watches as it all comes back together.

While Sister Jude is doing some baking in the kitchen Dr. Thredson comes to talk with her . He mentions something about her possibly having a guilty conscience and she automatically asks him “Where did you get the newspaper from?!”. He quickly lets her know that he has no idea what she’s talking about.

Sister Eunice goes to visit a patient in her room and she quickly notices the evil in her. She has her kneel down to say prayers and as soon as she starts reciting them Eunice takes a pair of scissors and stabs the lady in the neck and chest repeatedly causing blood to fly everywhere. Eunice then heads to Dr. Arden’s office and he flirts lightly with her. She basically tells him she knows that he wants her and proceeds to make advances towards him. He becomes disgusted and enraged and tells her to leave.

Sister Jude begins to recieve mysterious phone calls from a little girl saying that she left her there and that she didn’t even bother to get out of the car. Jude breaks down and starts to cry telling the little girl she was so sorry.

Sister Jude starts to drink the communion wine and then gathers everyone together to watch a movie to get everyone’s mind off the imposing storm. Lana, Grace and Kit attempt to make another escape. Jude notices something is going on and calls all the guards out. Shelley (the resident nympho) tries to help by groping one of the guards as they try to make a break for it. While all of this is going on Dr. Arden has completely flipped and starts putting lipstick and drawing nipples on the statue of the Virgin Mary. He then proceeds to push the statue down and it shatters.

Shelley stops fooling around with the guard and attempts to run away but runs right into Dr. Arden. Lana, Kit and Grace are shown trying to escape in the rain outside but run into some sort of feral “people”. Dr. Arden takes Shelley to his office and ends up raping her the knocking her out. Lana, Kit and Grace secretly return back to the rest of the patients watching the movie like nothing ever happened.

When Shelley wakes up she is laid across an operating table. She tries to get free and Dr. Arden lets her know that everything is going to be fine and that his surgery skills are impeccable. He pulls back the sheet that’s over her to show that he amputated both of her legs.

WOW. Things seem to be getting more and more intense as each episode goes by. Sister Eunice looks like she’s going to be stirring the pot in the Asylum and Sister Jude looks to be on the verge of cracking. Dr. Arden is on totally different level at this point and whatever darkness is within him is starting to come out in full force. Nothing is more creepier than a crazy doctor with a scalpel.

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