Recap: American Horror Story Asylum S2 E2 – Tricks and Treats

This weeks episode starts up with Teresa still trying to find a way out of Briarcliff in the present while being chased by Bloodyface. She ends up back where Leo is and tries to get him to get up but Bloodyface is too close so she jumps in a closet and watches Leo get brutally killed.

Flash back to 1964 and its apparent at this point that the majority of the story is going to be set in this time. Wendy (Lana’s girlfriend) is still so upset that she basically got blackmailed into commiting Lana into Briarcliff. She decides to take a shower and gets a visit from Bloodyface. Say goodbye to Wendy.

Back at the Asylum Sister Jude calls for all patients to exit their rooms and stand outside of the door. The staff basically does and search of every room and when they get to Lana’s they find notes of what’s been going on hidden in her pillowcase. They confiscate them and Sister Jude lets her know she’s going to be in for a punishment. Lana decides that she needs to plan some sort of way to escape and enlists the help of Grace…..who is also friends with Kit.

Dr. Arden is revealed to be a sexual deviant. After he picks up a prostitute and has a small “date” with her, he has her dress up in a nun outfit. While she’s getting dressed she comes across a small dirty magazine and some pictures. She starts looking through the photos and sees woman bound and gagged. Then it gets worse and more gruesome and she realizes she may be in trouble. The doctor catches her and tells her to get on the bed and tries to force himself on her. She bites him and runs.

A young man named Jed is brought into the asylum by his parents that feel like he is a threat to himself and others after they find him in their barn naked, speaking in tongues and disemboweling and eating the heart of a cow. Dr. Oliver Thredson (played by returning guest star Zachary Quinto) comes to Briarcliff to provide his opinion regarding the state of Kits’  mental stability but ends up evaluating Jed as well. After a quick overview Dr. Thredson states that Jed needs to be medicated immediately. At the same time Sister Jude also brings in an Exorcist as well because she feels like his condition is beyond science and medicine. While Dr. Thredson is assisting he begins to see things he just can’t explain, Jed (still possessed) lets Sister Jude know who she really is and what she’s done as soon as he gets her alone. He goes on an attack and throws things and people around the room but also cuts the power to the asylum. In doing that it causes all of the patients rooms to be unlocked and Lana sees this as the perfect time for her and Grace to make a break for it. While guards and patients are running everywhere she tells Grace it’s time to go but Grace doesn’t want to leave without Kit. Since there’s no reasoning with Grace at this point Lana starts screaming and yelling that “The killer is trying to escape!!” and the guards come and grab Grace and Kit. In the middle of all the commotion Jed’s possession proves to be too much for his body and ultimately kills the young man….only to seemingly find its way into the body of Sister Eunice.

The episode was pretty good and it was a nice touch with the exorcism. They seem to be revealing more and more about Dr. Arden and I think we’ve only scratched the surface with this guy. Kit maintains his innocence and to be honest I don’t know what to believe with this character. A part of me thinks this might be a ploy on Kit’s part but he seems so sincere that he didn’t do it. Sister Jude is exposed as a very promiscuous woman in her younger years and also as a murderer. I’m sure at one point or another it’ll come out and she’ll do what it takes to keep it quiet. With Sister Eunice, I think right now she seems someone that gets walked all over but with her being possessed at the end I think all of that is about to change dramatically.

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