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The Movie:

Up-and-coming District Attorney, Mitch Brockton () is involved in a fatal hit-and-run, but Clinton Davis (), is found with the body and charged with murder. Believing that Davis is innocent, Brockton is compelled to throw the trial. Soon after, Brocton’s perfect life begins to unravel as he realizes that the man he set free is hiding a secret that will destroy him.

There are times that you get taken aback by a film that seems like it comes out of left field. This was the perfect example of just that. As soon as the film started you could already get a feel for it. It was scenes were dark and the score was deep and powerful. What I thought was your regular run of the mill thriller turned out to be much, much more. Cooper was excellent at playing up the paranoia that his character was experiencing after a hit-and-run. There were moments that you could almost see him crack from the pressure of keeping a secret and that’s where you could really see his acting ability. Jackson is fantastic in everything he’s in but it’s when he plays an antagonist is where I feel he truly makes an impression. In recent years we’ve been used to him playing a good guy so to see the complete opposite is pleasantly refreshing. The way he can go from smiling to a full on scowl is scary and intimidating…..and that’s why I love it! It’s hard to say that the film has “edge of your seat moments” because in actuality the entire film encapsulates that. It was fast paced from start to finish and even the moments that were supposed to slow the film down a bit still felt like it was driving it full steam ahead. Although it did get a small theatrical release, it really is a shame that it wasn’t wider but the good thing about that is now it’s on Blu-ray so it gives you easier access to watch it sooner rather than later. As soon as you get a chance I suggest you pick this one up. It’s a must buy!

Special Features:

Behind the Scenes with Cast and Crew Interviews – Your basic behind the scenes feature with some insight on filming locations and more.

Deleted Scenes – There about 10 minutes or so of some pretty decent scenes but for the most part I’m glad they were cut.

Interviews with Actors Samuel L. Jackson, Dominic Cooper and Gloria Reuben – This 35 minute feature shows some of the footage from the aforementioned BTS feature from above plus a bit more.

Reasonable Doubt is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Lionsgate


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