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Season Overview:

Mac Conway (Logan Marshall-Green), a Marine who returns home from a second tour of duty in Vietnam. With his relationship with his wife Joni growing tenuous, Mac finds himself tempted by a lucrative offer from The Broker, a shady criminal involved in a network of killing and corruption that spans the length of the Mississippi River. After a series of events, Mac – whom The Broker codenames “Quarry” – finds himself conscripted against his better judgment into The Broker’s crew, a turn of events that has dire consequences for both himself and Joni.

Before I even started watching the show I was told by various YouTube subscribers (YouTube.com/CinemaDeviant …..cheap plug) that since I liked Banshee so much that I was going to LOVE this show. They must know me extremely well because I really loved the hell out of it. It’s a fantastic crime drama/thriller set in the 70’s and has TONS of potential to be a show that could be the next big thing for Cinemax. I honestly get the same feeling with this show as I did when I saw the first season of Breaking Bad. There’s certain things that they set up during the course of these 8 episodes and there’s plenty of ways that they can steer it from those moments so I really hope that they get a chance to pay them off. Marshall-Green (who I like to call Tom Hardy Jr.) was really intense throughout the show and I was impressed by his performance. I feel like he really captured what it was like to be a down and out ex-Marine with his back against the wall. Surprisingly enough there really wasn’t anything that I didn’t like about this show and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next! If you love shows like Banshee or Breaking Bad then there’s a damn good chance that you’re going to dig this too. 9/10

Special Features:

Inside Quarry – Brief behind the scenes features for each episode in the season.

Car Chase Picture in Picture – A cool look at a particular scene that was created.

Behind the Scenes – Three different features that delve into the main character, the music on the show and the challenge of recreating the 70’s.

Deleted Scenes – A pretty good amount of scenes scattered throughout the discs. Much of them are throw away scenes but some are quite interesting.

Music Videos – Various musical numbers taken from the show.

Love Letters – Audio love letters of Mac and Joni from the show.

Quan Thang Inquiry Scenes – A bunch of scenes put together from around that time that gives a little bit of backstory to the show.

Audio Commentary Episode 1 You Don’t Miss Your Water

Audio Commentary Episode 4 Seldom Realized

Audio Commentary Episode 8 Nuoc Cha Da Mon

Quarry: The Complete First Season is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from HBO Home Entertainment


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