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Ridley Scott makes his way back to the genre that put his name on the map. Starring Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender as part of the crew of a spaceship called Prometheus. After finding similar markings (that turns out to be a star map) on Earth that spans various cultures over thousands of years they decide the embark on a mission to find the origins of the human race. It’s not until they get to their destination that they realize that there may be more to the story than they think.

I personally have been excited about this film for a while now.¬† I’m a big sci-fi movie lover and a huge fan of the Alien franchise so when I heard that this movie was being made with Ridely Scott in the directors chair I couldn’t help but get kind of giddy. As more details started coming out about the film and an official synopsis was released I think made people a bit dissapointed and possibly confused about how/if this was going to be connected to any of the previous Alien films. With that being said when I made my way to the theater to watch it I went with a total open mind and completely told myself to disregard any of the other films. That is the best thing to do when watching this film. Ridley Scott succeeded in his comeback to the sci-fi/horror genre and Jon Spaihts/Damon Lindelof did a great job at writing a script the really made the viewer think and try to piece certain parts of the story together in their head (Lindelof¬† is noteably the co-creator of the TV show Lost). The film was a bit controversial to the public in the sense that not alot of people “got it”. I think a better part of the audience felt like it left them with more questions rathter than answers but rest assured, the answers are there.¬† People went in expecting an Alien film when in fact it is a stand alone film that does have certain nods to the franchise but has a life of its own. I must say that I did go see it twice because I wanted to have a better understanding of some aspects of the film but its not necessary to do so. I loved this movie and its a great conversation piece as far as discussing the film and its theories on the creation of life.

Side Note: There is a small scene at the end that is a MUST SEE



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