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The Movie:

A series of cryptic phone messages and visions haunt a writer while he struggles to finish a novel. As they increase in intensity, he loses his grip on reality, eventually obsessing over an old mystery that will lead to horrific revelations about both him and his loyal wife.

Almost immediately the film felt like a mash up of various premises from other thrillers. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but originality points weren’t given in this scenario. I will say that mysterious phone calls do freak me out quite a bit and with the calls in the film consisting of only two words I can image it being creeped out in a situation like that. The acting on the other hand was too over the top with some of it coming off as kind of silly and not believable. With names like Judd Nelson and Tom Siezmore it helped a bit as far as helping the film feel more legitimate but didn’t improve the cheesiness of some of the other acting. The best thing about the film was that I couldn’t tell where it was going and it kept my attention and kept me wanting to know how it was all going to play out which helped it differentiate itself from the mashup of films I thought it was going to be. It’s not a horrible film though. I feel like it has the right idea but the execution didn’t hit completely. I would say check this title out if you are looking for something to kill some time with but other than that it’s skippable. 4/10

Private Number is available NOW on DVD from Arc Entertainment


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