The Pretty One: DVD Review

The Pretty One

Laurel has always been the odd wallflower, choosing to live at home with her father, while her glamorous identical twin, Audrey possesses the confidence and appeal to succeed in the big city. When tragedy strikes and Laurel is mistaken for her twin sister, she makes the impulsive decision to assume her sister’s identity and become The Pretty One. As she eases into her new, independent existence, Laurel discovers she’s capable of accomplishments she had never dreamed of before: excelling in a career, maintaining friendships and even finding love. Written and directed by Jenée LaMarque.

The Movie: The movie follows the story of Laurel – a shy twin sister who seems content with her life. She spends her time doing things for her father and just exists in her own tiny bubble. Then enters her sister Audrey, who seems to have it all. She walks with more poise and has such charisma, that Laurel can’t help but admire. When a tragic accident kills Audrey, Laurel is mistaken as Audrey. Laurel basically attends her own funeral. She does come to the realization that everyone has mistaken her for her sister but she soon realizes that perhaps its best to start a new chapter and live like Audrey. Of course she encounters bumps down the road, but eventually befriends her tenant, Basel, and soon creates a real connection with him. But all the lying catches up with her and when she confesses to Basel that she is not her sister Audrey, he shuts her out and she runs home. She eventually makes a mends with everyone and its a happily ever after. There were many aspects to this film that I really enjoyed. I can see the appeal to wanting to start over from a life that perhaps didn’t carry much luster. Audrey was very sheltered and it was nice to see her come to her own. Sometimes all you need is a friend or two to bring out another side of you. I thought this film was cute and definitely something to watch.

My Likes: I really likes the chemistry between Basel and Laurel. Of course we already knew these two would end up together, but I liked that they didn’t have the typical mushy love connection. It was blunt and real. Well, real as far as what their feelings were for one another — not so real because Laurel was still Audrey in disguise. I also enjoyed Laurel road to her own self discovery. She found herself so sheltered from the real world and realized she was missing out on living. Oh and I also loved the little quirks the two sisters had when they would see one another. I mean how cute is that? It was like hand shake or like a hand hug?? I can only imagine what it would be like with a twin sister and the bond the two would share – seems so unique and special.

My Dislikes: Perhaps the only dislike in the movie was its predictability. Once Laurel has her epiphany, she confesses the truth to everyone and then all is well. What other direction could this have gone but with a clean, easy happy ending? Somehow it was OK for her to go back and live at her sister’s duplex and just start life like nothing. Should I let it bug me so much? Nah. But if I were to have to pick at any dislikes in this neat film, it would have to be that.

Bonus Features:

The Pretty One: Visual Effects” featurette: A quick glimpse at some of the visual effects throughout the film.

The Pretty One is available NOW on DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment




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