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Season Five finds the Liars in the moments following the shocking acts and revelations of the epic Season Four finale. While Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are relieved that both Alison and Ezra are alive and safely back home, the discover of two new corpses brings more questions to the surface – plus terrifying threats from “A.” is Allison really “A”? Or is “A” pretending to be Allison? With a suprising confession that tears the five friends apart, the game is far from over. In fact, a new one is just beginning…one where surviving senior year might be the PLL’s toughest challenge yet! Get ready for 25 hot-button episodes filled with twists, thrills and emotional intrigue with Rosewood’s most buzzed about best buds.

***Spoiler Alert***

Allison is BACK! And for good finally. This season was intense for me and of course, another favorite for me. The idea that the writers can invent such stories and keep so many PLL fans hooked is beyond me. Here I am, grown woman with kids, completely addicted this show! The season started off with the return of Allison and her welcome wagon….err lack there of! Of course many did not appreciate her return and as soon as we are adjusting to seeing her, we get hit with another shocker of her mom’s death – “A” truly never sleeps. I wanted answers and I keep getting more and more questions! The tension between Mona and Allison intensifies and then we are given even more bad news – Mona is dead! Of course all fingers are pointing at Allison and we spend several episodes either believing she did it or convinced she did. She spends a good portion of the season in jail and I spent a lot of time scratching my head. Did I think she did it? Of course. Did I think she was completely innocent? Of course. Was I confused throughout the season…maybe. 🙂 It was hard for me to feel anything geniune for Allison. I felt that once she came back all should have been well with the girls, yet more lies just continued and things got crazy. As the web of lies increase, more and more secrets were in fact revealed. And of course, my main heartbreak with Mona’s death was eventually redeemed hen we discover Mona is actually alive! Oh you guys! The humor you must have in making me feel so upset one second and just uber relieved the next. Seriously. Mona’s death was affecting me and all fans alike. Maybe the writers took note and decided, heck lets bring this girl back! OR maybe they choose to always give us a headache! Oh and where was Mona…being held hostage by “A” of course and then our PLLs get caught up in that trap too! Of course the guys eventually save the day and they are eventually rescued and we have a name for “A”….or so we think. Is it Andrew or is it a Charles D? Maybe we are getting close! Either way, this season was all over the place in all the right ways. Pick up season 5 in a store near you (or online) to feel all the feels! Seriously.

Special Features:


Celebrating a Pretty 100th: 100 episodes and these girls are still as hot as every. Great recap with the actors and creators on their amazing milestone.

Christmas in Rosewood: Designing the Ice Ball – Every season PLL never disappoints with the “themed’ episode. Usually we get a Halloween special but this Christmas one was nice and things still got fancy!

Pretty Little Liars: The Guys are Back! – Loved this featurette focusing on the every so awesome guys of PLL. Each and every one of them are my faves…ok maybe Caleb just a BIT more, but I still love these guys and the great extension they are to the girls.

Bad Lies: The Stronger PLLs – We get a fantastic explanation on how the girls evolved, and well had to grow up faster than ever. I love how each character has grown and we get to hear the actors and creators take on their evolution.

Special Episode

We love you to death! – The girls sit down and talk about their feelings about the show and get involved even more with their fans by answering their questions. One thing you gotta love about this show is that they are always in tune with all the fans.

Deleted Scenes – This season had tons of deleted scenes. Some were just awkward while others were cool to see!

Pretty Little Liars: The Complete Fifth Season is available NOW on DVD from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment


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