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The Movie:

Adrenaline-pumping chases and deadly double crosses electrify this twist-filled thriller. After a botched heist, thieves and ex-lovers Jack and Karen (Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Claire Forlani) are targeted by Eddie (Bruce Willis), a murderous crime boss. To escape with their lives, Jack and Karen must steal a cargo of precious gems. But when the job goes down, allegiances are betrayed and lines are crossed as Jack, Karen, and Eddie face off in a fateful showdown.

Action movies like these always remind me of the ones that I would watch on Sunday afternoon on my local TV stations (Shoutout to UPN20). They were guilty pleasures and that’s what kind of attracted me to this movie. The story to this film is that of the typical action/heist film. People get caught up in a bad situation and to get out of that situation they decide that they need to steal things but then get double crossed, yadda yadda yadda. The thing is that even though the plot is predictable I really enjoyed it for what it was. Gosselaar is not really looked at as an action actor but he does quite well and seems to feel very comfortable with it. I’m hoping that he continues down the action path and ends up in something a little more mainstream. Forlani was just as great and she almost had this Angelina Jolie presence about her that I enjoyed. The biggest problem that I have with this film however is the fact that Bruce Willis is on the cover yet he’s only present for maybe like 20 minutes in total. You could easily tell that he was shooting scenes separate from everyone else and his performance was really bland. It was almost like he just didn’t want to be there and just did it as a cash grab. The funny thing is this isn’t the first time something like this has happened with Willis and at this point it probably won’t be the last. It’s unfortunate to say the least. If you’re looking for a movie to pass the time and enjoy with little of work to your own brain or if you have a soft spot in your heart for these kind of action films then I definitely recommend checking this out. 6/10

Special Features:

The Making of Precious Cargo – A pretty basic feature that shows film clips along with snippets of cast interviews. 

Cast/Crew Interviews – The various cast and crew give their thoughts on their experience making the film and what made them want to work on the film. Just like I figured, there is no Bruce Willis interview at all.

Precious Cargo is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Lionsgate


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