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As the Power Rangers officially welcome Orion, the Silver Ranger, to the Super Megaforce team, Prince Vekar unleashes a new gang of attacking aliens! Troy, Noah, Emma, Gia, Jake, and Orion’s teamwork will be tested as they battle the energy-draining Skeltox, Commander Sirjinkor’s power prism, the jealous Invidious, the happiness-stealing Desolar, and body-swapping Tranceferer! And when Orion discovers how to combine the power of every legendary sixth Ranger throughout history, he will unlock the awesome Super Mega Gold Mode!

With a running time of 114 minutes that totals up to five episodes in this volume. It basically starts off where the other volume left off with Orion joining the group and his challenges with trying to fit in with them. Within these episodes we see Orion also unlock the power of the Sixth Rangers and those were probably some of my favorites. I’ve always been a sixth ranger fan and to see him use his final strike move and catch glimpses of the Green, White, Gold, White Dino Thunder and Gold Samurai was really cool. This is easily one of the best seasons of Power Rangers in recent years mainly because it’s an anniversary season and they are paying tribute to the previous rangers. The cast is very likeable therefor makes it easier to watch some of the more cheesier moments and definitely makes it enjoyable. If you’ve watched Super Megaforce then you’ll want to pick this up to add to your collection and if you’re new to the show and you decide to pick this up then I guarantee that it’ll be very easy to catch up to what’s going on. I loved every minute of it but was a bit bummed that there were only 5 episodes and no special features. One day I hope that they would put some Behind The Scenes stuff on their releases but only time will tell. 8/10

Power Rangers Super Megaforce: The Perfect Storm is available NOW on DVD from Lionsgate


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