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The Rangers get charged up with the spirit of the Dinosaurs in these four bone-crushing, prehistoric-powered adventures! Get charged up and unleash the mighty strength of the dinosaurs with the Power Rangers Dino Charge! Centuries after intergalactic bounty hunter Sledge tried to get his hands on the mysterious Energems, a new team of Rangers has unearthed the gems, and bonded with their powerful dinosaur spirit. With the help of Dino-fueled weapons, new Mega Zords, and teamwork, they must protect these gems at all costs from Sledge’s monsters and keep the universe safe!

With every new season of Power Rangers there’s always a bit of hesitation because of the unknown. There are times when we get a good season and there are times when we get a bad season but coming off of the fun season of Super Megaforce I was optimistic. These four episodes that are included give a pretty good origin to the new set of rangers. I do like that fact that they got right in to the action and didn’t do a drawn out intro BUT at the same time I kind of did miss seeing how they all got their powers. Instead of that, they revealed pieces of backstory here and there which I’m sure we’ll get more of as the season progresses. The mystery of Tyler’s dad is something that they don’t do too often. It seems like it’s going to be a season long mystery that hopefully they’ll be able to wrap up nicely unlike the missing Robo Knight story from Super Megaforce that I felt didn’t end well. The acting doesn’t seem to have gotten any better but a lot of the fight scenes have improved greatly given the fact that the Red and Blue Rangers do plenty of their non-costumed stunts. I do think the plot is intriguing enough to get me to keep watching and the Zords are some of the better looking ones that they’ve had in a while so I’m definitely buying into this for sure. I can’t wait to see where the rest of the season goes and if you’re a fan of the series then this is a definite pick up. 7/10

Power Rangers Dino Charge: Unleashed is available NOW on DVD from Lionsgate


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