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When Sledge’s Monsters Attack, the Power Rangers Strike Back! Join the Power Rangers for dino-charged action and adventure! The Power Rangers’ skills and teamwork are put to the test as they race to rescue Chase from an evil spell, battle the fast-firing Cavity, discover the destructive Anklyo Zord, and face off against a team of Power Ranger clones!

This second volume of Power Rangers Dino Charge features 4 more episodes that include: Breaking Black, The Tooth Hurts, Let Sleeping Zords Lie and Double Ranger, Double Ranger. All four episodes are really good and further the season along nicely but the storytelling can be a bit cheesy at times (as expected). As an actual fan of Power Rangers it’s pretty cool to see them inching towards the reveal of more rangers. The thing that I was most impressed with is the production of the show and just how much it has improved over the years. The visual aspect has improved and at times it feels like a feature film rather than a TV show. As I stated previously in the other Dino Charge review, the actors here are about the same performance wise as the previous Super Megaforce season but where this show shines is during the “out of costume” fight scenes. Every time I watch an episode that’s the one thing I look forward to. All in all this was another great volume for this season of Power Rangers but as always my only complaint is that I wish there was some sort of Behind The Scenes feature included. 7/10

Power Rangers Dino Charge: Resurgence is available NOW on DVD from Lionsgate


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