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In this twisted thriller, a young detective is caught in a sadistic game of cat-and-mouse when he is kidnapped and tormented by a masked serial killer. In order to survive, the rookie must use the wisdom imparted to him by senior detectives on their regular poker night.

I had seen the trailer to this film a while back and it grabbed me almost immediately for two reasons. One: The group of actors involved in it all. Two: It just looked like a fun and suspenseful horror film. What started out feeling like a horror film ended up being more of a thriller for the most part. Not that it was in any way a bad thing. Just unexpected for the most part. Ron Perlman, Giancarlo Esposito, Corey Large, Titus Welliver and Ron Eldard as a group were what you would expect as veteran actors, nothing short of fantastic. They provided the voices of wisdom for Beau Mirchoff‘s character and seemed perfect for the situation. The killer’s mask looked insanely cool and my favorite moments were when he had flashback scenes that were very comedic and reminiscent of a typical 50’s TV family…..but in a twisted way. The film has it’s fair share of twists that kept me engaged and asking questions as to why things were going on. Unfortunately the culmination of those twists were a tad bit flat for me and it could’ve ended on a more intense note BUT the film itself was pretty damn good. Don’t let this be a film that flies under your radar. Sure, it isn’t the most perfect film but it is most certainly entertaining and I suggest checking it out if you’re looking for something unique. 7/10

Poker Night is available NOW on DVD from XLrator Media


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