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The Movie:

George Dryer (Gerard Butler) is an former pro soccer player that is now trying to do something with himself so he puts together a demo reel to be a sportscaster. At the same time he finds out his ex-wife Stacie (Jessica Biel) is now engaged and soon to be married. With everything happening he feels like he wants to attempt to rebuild a relationship with his son Lewis (Noah Lomax) but has a rocky start due to him only seeing Lewis here and there. To try to fix things he volunteers to help out with his sons’ junior soccer team. The parents quickly recognize him and soon ask Stacie if he could be the teams’ new head coach. He reluctantly agrees and soon gets the attention of every single (and one not so single) mom that has their kid playing on the team. Still, in the back of George’s head lies the want to have Stacie back and become a family again.

I really liked this movie more than I thought I would. I think the fact that it had a man trying to redeem himself (even if sometimes he failed) and be a good father as much as he could really pulled me in. Films with a family dynamic (dysfunctional or not) have always caught my eye and this was no different. I feel like Butler has really come a long way since his breakout role in 300. This man can do it all and still come off as completely charming. The best and most emotional scenes came when Butler and Lomax shared the screen. Speaking of Lomax, this little boy impressed me. For him being as young as he is he was able to convey the right  amount of emotion and it doesn’t hurt that he is an adorable kid. It was a bit different seeing Biel in a mother role but she was absolutely great. She’s really matured as an actress and it shows with the interaction between Butler and her.

Special Features:

Deleted Scenes -A few deleted scenes that expand some existing scenes in the film. Nothing too special.

The Playbook: Making Playing For Keeps -This was a good feature. The cast and crew talks about the film and what it was like work with director Gabriele Muccino despite some language barrier problems.

Creating An All-Star Team: The Cast of Playing For Keeps -Cast and crew speak about coming together and working with one another on the film.

Playing For Keeps is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment


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