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The Movie:

On March 13, 1997 a strange pattern of lights appeared over Phoenix, Arizona. Three high school students went into the desert to document this phenomenon. They were never seen again. Two decades later, the sister of one of the missing teens returns to investigate, suspecting a massive cover-up by the government and local law enforcement. But nothing could prepare her for the shocking discovery of the footage from that fateful expedition.

I have to be honest, found footage movies aren’t really my thing anymore. Most of the gimmicks that are used to surprise and shock everyone have been done to death so they don’t usually have much of an impact on me anymore. This movie however isn’t the typical found footage film though. It has those usual elements but it’s wrapped in a documentary style narrative which grabbed my attention. The movie as a whole however does follow the same tropes that you see in these kind of films but I kind of didn’t mind it so much. Mainly because alien abductions interest me as a viewer. The movie isn’t terrible but in the same respect it isn’t great either. The characters and acting seem very predictable but it’s oddly entertaining and watchable. The best part of the film has to be during the finale and that’s where the whole story pays off thankfully. The visuals looked great in the final moments and I thought they looked pretty cool for a found footage film. Again, the movie isn’t fantastic but it is a good movie if you’re looking for something to kill some time on a Saturday night. 6/10

Special Features:

Sophie’s Story – A “news report” regarding the events that took place.

Phoenix Found – This feature looks at the real life events that inspired the film.

Audio Commentary with Justin Barber, Florence Hartigan, Chelsea Lopez and Justin Mathews

Phoenix Forgotten is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


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