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The Movie:

Peter Pan tells follows the story of John, Michael and Wendy. Wendy tells her two brothers a magical story about “a boy who never grew up” named Peter Pan. The boys act out the story and when their father finds out he gets frustrated with Wendy and tells her shes now too old to be rooming with her brothers and now needs to be in a room of her own. Their parents leave to attend a party and shortly after they’re visited by Peter Pan himself. When he finds out that Wendy is going to be getting her own room and “growing up” he demands that they all take a trip to Neverland where they would never grow up. From there Peter takes them on a fantastic journey to a magical land. Little do they know that the evil Captain Hook has plans for Peter Pan and the children when he finds out about their existence.

This movie is one of the many classics that Disney has in their vault and I’m glad they’re giving it the Diamond Edition treatment. It makes it even better that they are releasing it on the 60th anniversary to the day (February 5th 1953 was the original release date). I LOVED this movie as a kid and I’m absolutely ecstatic that I’m able to share this with my kids. They had never seen Peter Pan so this was an entirely new experience for them. My two year old was completely glued to the screen and seemed to be amazed that a little boy could fly around the way Peter did. The message that it gives is something that I to this day live by. Just because you grow up doesn’t mean you can’t still be a kid at heart. There’s a bit of Peter Pan in all of us and we should all embrace it. There was a portion of a film with the Native Americans that if you watched it as a child you didn’t think anything of but as an adult you see the Politically Incorrectness of it. If you watch it with your kids they most likely won’t catch on to it but it may make you shake your head a bit. The restoration of this film is phenomenal! Add the fact that it’s on blu-ray (still in it’s original 4:3 format) really freshens this movie up and give it a great new look in a world of 1080p.

Special Features:

Growing Up With Nine Old Men -A very interesting and thoughtful interview with all the children of the “Nine Old Men” who were the lead animators and artists that created all the animated films in the early days at Disney. It’s absolutely amazing to see photos of the animators creating some of the most memorable scenes in Disney’s history.

Deleted Scenes and Songs – Storyboard opening and closing sequences and songs that didn’t make it in the film.

Classic DVD Bonus Features – This includes all the features that were on the previous DVD release of this film.

This is a perfect version of this animated classic. This paired with the Nine Old Men feature makes this blu-ray release worth picking up.

This Diamond Edition of Peter Pan comes to you February 5th from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.


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