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The sexy and thrilling new season from The Vampire Diaries’ executive producer Julie Plec centers on the Original vampire family and the dangerous vampire/werewolf hybrid, Klaus, who returns to the magical melting pot is brewing against him, Klaus’ questions lead him to his diabolical former protege, Marcel, a charismatic vampire with total control over the human and supernatural habtiants of the city. Determined to help his brother Klaus fine redemption, Elijah follows Klaus and is soon forced to side with Marcel’s enemies. Meanwhile, Klaus and Elijah’s sister, Rebekah must decide if she’ll join her brothers in New Orleans and help them to reclaim their hometown and all its extraordinary offerings.

The Show:  I admit, I waited a long time before I got to see this show. I’m a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries and the thought of a spin-off REALLY truly frightened me. I had fought with the idea but after countless comments on how well this show really is, I had to finally give in and watch it. And this is the part where you say, why did you wait so long to watch it?! I just love the Mikaelson Clan. They are able to carry this show so well and honestly, make me forget they were once affiliated with Damon, Stefan, and Elena (TVD crew). There story is their own and even if you may not be a TVD fan, you can follow each episode without a lingering question mark over your head. The writers do a great job in making sure everyone is aware of all the history necessary for each episode. I’m not going to confess it right now, but I almost feel as if I like this show more than TVD (insert surprised emoticon here). I just could not get enough of this show and recommend anyone who is on the hunt for a good drama or vampire driven show should definitely watch this — as in you should have been watching this since yesterday! So needless to say, go out and get this series and catch up now while you still have a chance.

My Likes:  There are so many things about this show that I adored. The characters and the dynamic between each one of them is believable. I love the family aspect and I think its what sets this show apart from The Vampire Diaries. I also feel that this show is more “grown.” Not necessarily for an older audience, just not as “teen” as a lot of the other shows.

My Dislikes: I have none. This show had me captivated and kept me enticed.

Special Features:

Pilot Commentary – With creator Julie Plec and Director Chris Grismer

2013 Comic-Con Panel – Executive producer Julie Plec and the cast discuss the origins of The Originals, and what you can expect in this spin-off of The Vampire Diaries. Great commentary!! I love watching the actors interact.

The Originals: Origins – In this featurette, creator Julie Plec leads us on the journey of creating The Originals and continuing through to the production of the pilot in New Orleans. Very informative! We learn the road to achieving a series that someone from the outside would be able to follow. I never really imagined anyone watching the show as a solo

The Original Vampires: A Bite-size backstory – A dynamic and stylized montage featuring key story lines and scenes of the original family. Including scenes from The Vampire Diaries, this piece will depict where the originals came from.

The Orginals: Re-mixing History – In this featurette, the writers of The Originals will describe how they were able to blend fact with fiction generating strong roots in New Orleans for the Mikaelson family.

The Originals Panel at PaleyFest 2014 – Cast and producers discuss the creative process in these highlights from the panel at PaleyFest 2014.

Deleted Scenes

The Originals: The Complete First Season is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Warner Home Video



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