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Season Overview:

Although Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and Nick (Jake Johnson) remain broken up, Schmidt and Cece (Max Greenfield and Hannah Simone) are headed down the aisle. Disaster arrives when the loft becomes an Airbnb, Schmidt’s bachelor party hits the road, and Cece’s judgmental mom shows up. Meanwhile, Jess lands a fantastic teaching gig, only to learn her boss is dating her ex, and Winston (Lamorne Morris) gets a great new girlfriend – or does he?

This is one show that I feel gets tossed under the radar. The writing on the show is possibly one of the most clever, hysterical and random that I’ve ever seen all rolled into one. This season specifically was probably the most random yet but in the most fantastic way. The storyline throughout the season (much like the others) isn’t really linear. I see that as a good thing because it allows the show to really experiment with different gags and story elements but there is also some cohesiveness to it to push the season along. Deschanel is always great to see on screen. Her quirkiness is the biggest plus of the show and her chemistry with everyone that she’s in a scene with made me keep watching. Johnson makes me laugh out loud constantly mainly because of his idiocy and obliviousness to everything. Morris is hilarious in his own right as well but it’s a different kind of funny. It straddles the line between awkward and inappropriate which is a fantastic/random combination. Simone proves that someone that is super attractive can be super funny as well and her comedic timing is fantastic. Greenfield is by far my favorite of the group for the simple fact that the writers of the show give him the best lines. You mix that with the comedic timing of Greenfield and I can barely stifle my laughter half the time. The cast as a whole is one of the most solid group of actors that I’ve seen since Friends. Their chemistry is impeccable and constantly have me laughing out loud. If they keep the same formula and don’t change things up too much then I think this show could easily last until season 7 if not longer. If you have never seen New Girl and you have a random sense of humor then I TOTALLY suggest catching up on Netflix (they’re only 30 min episodes) and picking this up on DVD. 10/10

Special Features:

The unfortunate thing is that there aren’t any. I wish there could’ve been at least a a Gag Reel or a Behind The Scenes feature at least.

New Girl: The Complete Fifth Season is available NOW on DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


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