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To celebrate Mythbusters’ ten-year anniversary, those mad scientists in the lab have cooked up their biggest concoction yet: fifty full episodes packed with the craziest, coolest, and most combustible conundrums that the scientific world has to offer. Adam, Jamie, Kari, Tory, and Grant will risk life, limb, and eyebrows to stamp each myth with the official MythBusters seal. Serving up one huge helping of your favorite explosive entertainment

Science was always my thing as a kid and everything about doing experiments interested me so much so when Mythbusters came along and took experiments to a grand scale I knew I was going to love this show. This 10 DVD set contains 50 episodes in total with a running time of almost 37 hours. Yup, I said 37 hours! Each of the 5 Mythbusters themselves hand pick 10 of their favorites episodes for this collection and I’m not just saying this because I like the show but they picked some really great ones. I especially liked the Alcatraz Escape that Adam picked mainly because of the craziness of it. You have 3 people that built a raft out of rubber raincoats and set off across San Francisco Bay. Although it was proven that it could most definitely happen it has yet to be actually proven that those 3 people actually made it across. There are also so many great episodes such as the “Breaking Bad Special”, “Zombie Special”, “Inverted Underwater Car” (which almost gave me a panic attack) and “Bouncing Bullet” so there really is a bit for everyone and it’s myths like these that got my attention. Before you know it I had watched about 5 hours of the show and still wanted to watch more. Adam, Jamie, Kari, Tory, and Grant all bring forth so much entertainment all while being so informative and in this age of Television that doesn’t come around very often. This DVD Collection is definitely worth every single penny and you get exactly what you pay for and then some!

There aren’t any special features but honestly who needs special features when you have 50 EPISODES to go through!!!

Mythbusters 10th Anniversary Collection is available NOW on DVD from Cinedigm


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