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The Movie:

Munich reveals the gripping story of an ultra-secret squad assigned by the Israeli government to track down and assassinate 11 terrorists believed to have planned the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics—and the personal toll this mission of revenge takes on the team and the man who led it.

It’s been roughly about ten years since I’ve seen this film and after watching it again I’ve come to the conclusion that it as just as great as it was when I first saw it. It’s a horrific start to a film that Spielberg developed into a perfect story of political revenge. Typically these kind of films aren’t usually “my thing” but with it being so beautifully crafted and full of nail biting moments I literally couldn’t take my eye off the screen and that’s with me having seen the movie before. It also takes a look at how these acts truly take a toll on someone’s soul. Bana was probably the best I had seen at the time and was inexplicably believable. His performance in this film is one that I always gauge his other roles against. I know it probably shouldn’t but he was just that damn good. If you haven’t seen this film then I suggest you do it now and I can guarantee that you will be on the edge of your seat and not wanting to get up to even get a drink of water. This is a must have for every film lover. 10/10

Special Features:

Introduction By Director Steven Spielberg – He talks a bit about the film and the events that the story is based on.

The Mission, The Team – This feature looks at the characters involved and how they brought the story to the big screen.

Memories of the Event – Cast and crew talk about their memories of the event. It’s edited with actual footage and clips from the film.

Portrait of an Era – The feature digs into the production and and fashion design of the film seeing as it takes place in the 1970’s.

The On-Set Experience – Pretty much a Behind The Scenes feature with cast and crew talking about their experiences on the film.

The International Cast – Some of the supporting and bit players in the film get praise.

Editing, Sound and Music – A feature that looks at the technical side of the filmmaking process.

Munich is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Universal Studios Home Entertainment


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