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The Movie:

A group of friends emerge from the thick, murky darkness of the marshes tattered, bloody, and lucky to be alive. But they will soon find out that the lucky ones are already dead.

Horror films and I have a long, loving relationship that I truly cherish. Yes, I’ve been known to see other genres but I always keep crawling back so¬† you better believe I was going to watch this. The best feeling is finding a horror movie that flies under the radar and just letting the world know about it. This one however had me a bit confused as soon as it started. They literally showed five people come out of a wooded area hurt and scared but they don’t explain what exactly happened at all. I understand that they most likely meant it as a form of mystery but it just didn’t feel right at all. From there they find a house and hole up there only for one of the guys to say he’s going to go get help and land in a local bar. Instead of running in with panic he goes to the bathroom, washes up, has a shot, talks to women, makes a call (to his cousin and not the cops) and THEN he decides to head back to the house where his friend is bleeding out. It just didn’t make sense and had me yelling at the screen the entire time. Not because it was typical horror movie stuff but it was just bad writing. Horror films also have a history nudity and I can understand it. It’s pretty much like an unwritten rule. There was definitely nudity but it was done in a way that was too cheesy. For instance, a girl just got out of a traumatic experience and then says (while drinking a bottle of vodka) “Man, I sure need to get cleaned up” then proceeds upstairs and takes a shower with the scene being shot in slow motion and everything. If it would’ve gone on for a bit longer it would’ve just been a basic Playboy video and not a horror flick. Then there was the horrible jab at director Wes Craven with the town that they are in being called “West Craven”. One of the characters state that it used to be a cool place but now it’s not as fun anymore, blatantly talking about Craven’s films. The thing with that is that Craven is actually great as story telling unlike this writer. Kane Hodder was in it as well as one of the “creeps” and I love Hodder so much. He’s a horror legend but he got killed off so early on that it made no difference if his name was attached or not. There were so many other things that just made it seem like it was a group of people making a film just to have naked women in it. It seems like it would be fun making it but if you want to make a respected horror film then this wasn’t the way to go unfortunately. 3/10

Muck is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment


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