Movie Maniacs: Series 7


We’re reaching the end our flashback series of the movie themed McFarlane Toys toy line. The line truly had such a powerful run and I can remember EVERYONE talking about these action figures. This series was a solid one and had some really good figures that included some pretty great dioramas. My favorite of the bunch is probably Sheriff Hoyt. The detail in his face and stance are extraordinary and he even has the evil look going as well. As you can tell by the line up it was around the time that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake hit the theaters and that’s why you see a lot of characters from that film here but the detail in those look great and McFarlane Toys was a company that was ahead of their time and paved the way for other fantastic toy companies. This was the end of the line for the Movie Maniacs series and even though McFarlane Toys has continued to create some great figures for the likes of The Walking Dead TV show and comic (among others), this line will still be missed. Kudos Todd and Thank You!


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