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The music is pumping, the dance floor is moving and Donny (Derek Hough) stops when he sees the beautiful Aya (BoA) performing with her hip-hop Cobu crew at the hottest underground club in New York. They come from two different worlds, but they speak the same language – dance. When the couple finds themselves in the middle of a bitter rivalry, they must choose between family ties or their love for each other. Now, they must make their move. Written and directed by Duane Adler.

The movie: I had the opportunity to watch this film and the main thing that came to mind was – Romeo and Juliet, but in dance form! The story starts off with Donny dancing in the streets for cash. We later find out he is on parole (for a reason we also find out later) and he decides to visit his foster brother in New York for a real job. His brother owns an underground club where he meets Aya….and the rest is history right? We find out that there is this animosity between Donny’s brother and Aya’s brother and enter the forbidden love scenario. But thankfully it all works out — because we know that is what happens in these sort of flicks. I enjoyed the movie. If anything, the dancing is what keeps you entertained and there definitely was plenty of it throughout the film. There is more background to the movie that I could share, but where is the fun in that? Go check out this movie and get your groove on!

My likes: The dancing! I was very entertained by all the moves and the drumming. Being a huge fan of shows like So You Think You Can Dance, I found myself smiling ear to ear when the wonderfully choreographed dances were on screen. I also really loved BoA. She had this charisma about her that made her so appealing. I can see how she is a huge pop star in Japan — she has the whole package. And how cool was Cobu? Girl power! I really liked their moves and the drumming.

My dislikes: Would it be mean if I said Derek Hough? Well I said it. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked some of his dance moves but there was something about his portrayal that wasn’t all there. I really felt a stronger male lead would of given the film the “oomph” it needed. Also, I know this is a dance move – but how is it that all these choreographed moves are performed spot on and yet we (the audience) assume they never rehearsed? It was mainly the dances with Donny and Aya. I get that they are in sync, but apparently they are so in sync that they dance perfectly together too.

Special Features:

Commentary with Writer/Director Duane Adler and Choreographers Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo

Deleted Scenes

Making the Moves – Choreography: I love watching how these dances are created and I am huge fans of Tabitha Dumo and Napoleon Dumo!

Make Your Move is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment


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