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Modern Family tells the story of three separate (but related) families as they go through your typical family issues….just in hilarious ways.

This season starts with Gloria giving the big announcement that she’s pregnant and throughout the season it follows her and Jay in their journey from pregnancy to experiencing newborn parenthood again. Every family member in the show are so funny in their own way and it makes for extremely hilarious moments. A lot of what you see can easily be related to in some way or another. The best thing about the show itself is that it really doesn’t follow any linear story so it makes it very easy to jump right in and start enjoying the show at almost any time. The writing on this show is so clever and quick witted but it would be nothing without the cast delivering their lines with awesome comedic timing. Ed O’NeillSofía Vergara and Rico Rodriguez are so good together. They play off of each other so well and don’t skip a beat. Even though Rodriguez plays the child he is more of an adult mentally than most of the cast which is entertaining to see the interaction. O’Neill is and always will be one of the best fathers in television and it continues in this show too. With a look of utter confusion or a quick quip he can make me laugh easily and that to me says a lot about his comedic ability. Vergara was the one who surprised me the most with her comedy acting. Her over the top portrayal of a Colombian trophy wife had me practically rolling on the floor laughing, especially when she was pregnant on the show. She basically plays Gloria as an exaggerated version of what people may think Latina women are like. Some people may frown on it but in my opinion it works in contrast to the rest of the family. Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Nolan Gould, Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter all have so much chemistry together and most of my laughs came from this family. Burrell’s character had me cracking up so much. Maybe because his humorous moments reminded me a lot of me and my sense of humor. It’s just so hard to not feel somewhat bad for him as well. He seems to get the short end of the stick with his kids not thinking he can get things done as a parent as well as not entirely gaining respect from Jay (O’Neill). Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons round out the cast and they have just as many funny moments as the others but I really feel like they are a more important part of the show than the others. It shows how far we have come as a society and that a gay couple can be accept on broadcast TV. They are a bit overly flamboyant but I feel like (just like Sophia Vergara’s character) it is needed for the sake of comedy and the good thing is that they are a part of the jokes and not THE joke. This season has improved greatly from the previous ones and if you have never seen the show before you can easily pop in this set and be able to enjoy it right away. This is a must buy!!

Special Features:

A Day With Eric – Eric Stonestreet gives the fans a look at his usual day from beginning to end on the set of Modern Family.

A Modern Family Guide To Parenting – Clips and tips from the characters of the show.

An Addition To The Family – a feature focused on the new baby of the family with interviews from Vergara.

Modern Family Writers – A look at the writers of the show and how they included their own personal experiences in their writing.

Gag Reel – A great group of flubs and missed takes from the hilarious cast.

Deleted And Alternate Scenes – The feature is spread across the 3 discs and has some pretty good (and funny) scenes that were cut.

Modern Family: The Complete Fourth Season is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


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