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The Movie:

The third installment of the Men in Black franchise stars Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin and directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. An alien known as Boris “The Animal” (Flight of the Conchords’ Jemaine Clement) has escaped a high security prison located on the moon called Lunar Max. Boris has executed a plan to go back to 1969 and kill Agent K (Jones) before Boris gets imprisoned by him. Agent J (Smith) time jumps to the past and runs into 1969 Agent K (Brolin) when he is just a rookie MiB agent. He eventually convinces him that he’s from the future. They both work together with the help of a prescient alien named Griffin to try to fix the future and stop Boris from his plans of an alien invasion of earth. In the midst of Agent J’s mission he learns a bit more about Agent K and the man he becomes.

This movie pretty much has everything you can ask for: Aliens, Time Travel, Action and Comedy otherwise known as ATTAC (I know, total bad joke). Those four things together make for a really entertaining movie. Will Smith’s over the top comedic acting can be a little much at times but I think it balances out just right with the action sequences. Jemaine Clement has really come a long way from his (cult classic) HBO series Flight of the Conchords. He was fantastic as the villain Boris and pretty much unrecognizable. This really showed his versatility as an actor and proved he could do something like FOTC and also do something big budget and SFX driven. It was a shame that Tommy Lee Jones wasn’t in the movie more. His dry sense of humor was a great compliment to Smith’s. With that being said, I think the break out of the movie was Brolin as a young Agent K. I don’t know whether he studied Jones or what but whatever he did worked. He had Jones down to the T. From his facial expressions, his voice, the way he moved and the way he interacted with Smith. After having those things down he pretty much started looking like Jones. Some of the digital actors did look like it took a step back and looked “cartoon-y” considering what some of the other movies out there are doing nowadays but that’s pretty much the only thing that was a bit off about the movie. The res of the CGI in the film looked great and the environments looked realistic. This was a really fun, entertaining popcorn movie that definitely worth a watch.

Special Features:

Partners in Time: The Making of MiB3 – A really great behind the scenes feature of what went into making the film. Including interviews with Smith, Jones, Brolin and Sonnenfeld. Also a look at the alien effects created by special effects great Rick Baker.

Gag Reel – These are always so great to watch and this one was no different. Bolin takes the cake as the biggest ham of the cast.

“Back in Time” Music Video by Pitbull – I’m not really a fan of Pitbull but if you are then this is for you. 🙂

Pretty much a really good movie and decent special features for a DVD release but I do suggest you go out and buy the 3D Blu-ray Combo Pack.

Men in Black 3 comes to you November 30th from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment


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