Meet The New Faces Of The “Fantastic Four”



It’s all but confirmed but The Hollywood Reporter is stating that Fox is nearing the finish line to sign four actors to star in their Fantastic Four reboot. Who are they you ask? Let’s go down the line:


Fox has been at it for a good while with Josh Trank on this reboot but the name that has always come up from the beginning was Michael B. Jordan. I know people have been raising their eyebrow because the comic version of The Human Torch is a blonde haired white man but honestly it just makes me wonder how they’re going to spin the story around and apply it to these rebooted characters. It’s good to see that everything is starting to fall into place with this film but the real question is “Will it be any good?”. Only time will tell so I say let’s just wait and see before we shower the interwebs with fanboy rage. Excelsior!!


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