Marvel’s Phase 2 and 3 Plans Involving HULK?!


Source: Latino Review

Marvel loves to plan ahead and with the success of The Avengers and all the tie in films leading up to it you know they are going to start immediately. According to elmayimbe over at Latino Review he got the scoop on Marvel’s upcoming plans for their movie franchises.

Again, if you don’t want any sort of possible spoilers then don’t read ahead.

Basically what’s being rumored is that at the end of Avengers 2 there will be a huge battle (DUH!) and Hulk will “Hulk Smash” more than he probably should proving to the others that he is indeed a danger to earth. Marvel’s version of The Illuminati or The Avengers themselves will send Hulk off into space setting up a solo film in Phase 3 based on……….

This storyline was a favorite of mine. It follows Hulk being banished and crash landing on a planet where the inhabitants capture him and throw him into brawls where he pretty much becomes a gladitator. Eventually he overthrows the ruler of the planet and becomes King Hulk. He soon has a wife and a baby on the way. Everyone loves King Hulk and as an act of kindness the try to use the ship he crash landed with to create a monument of sorts. In doing that it sets of an explosive device within the ship completely destroying the city including his wife. This of course makes Hulk even more angry than he already is at the heroes of Earth.




Below is the trailer for the (fairly decent) animated version of the Planet Hulk story:

I think if this is true and if it’s done correctly this could be HUGE!! It really makes sense if this is the route they’re going to go. With Thanos and The Guardians of the Galaxy being involved in Phase 2 then that would open the door for the “rumored” ending to Avengers 2. If you read or heard of the Planet Hulk storyline then you know what’s coming next. It’s being reported that after Hulk’s solo movie he’s going to be obviously pretty upset. This would set up the main story that drives Phase 3 and leads up to Avengers 3 which would be based on………………

Now this is where the meat and potatoes are so to speak. This is the knock down, drag out battle between Hulk and many heroes of the Marvel Universe. Hulk feels they’re responsible for what happened to his kingdom on Planet Hulk and he’s not going to take it lightly. He pretty much anybody and everybody that gets in his way.

Imagine how cool would that be! To see an Avengers movie where the main villain is one of their own! Out of the two stories World War Hulk definitely has the most action and would make for REALLY big fight scenes. Now what I wonder now would be if we would see more heroes make appearances to help out. ::Cough:: The rights for Daredevil belong to Marvel once again ::Cough::. Doing that could most likely set things up for Phase 4. The possibilities are endless but thats the baseline for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I CANNOT WAIT!


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