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The Movie:

Harper (), Lance (), Quentin (), Jordan (), Robyn (), Mia (), Murch (), Candy () and Shelby () all reunite for the first time in years.  When the college friends get together, they soon discover how easy it is to reignite long-forgotten rivalries and romances, all while new discoveries are made and secrets are revealed.

Getting together with friends you haven’t seen in years can be a bit of an interesting experience. You throw some drama and strong personalities in the mix and it makes for some awkward situations at times. This movie is FULL of that stuff and then some but at the same time there are moments of love and great friendships. To say that this film is funny is an understatement. The quips and insults are so quick that it was almost like watching tennis match as the hit it back and forth to each other. I think the best part of the film was just how easily all the dialogue flowed from everyone. It was as if a camera was placed around a bunch of friends just goofing and riffing off of one another. It was all so organic and natural which made it that much more meaningful when it came to the dramatic moments. It’s really hard to pick a stand out performance from the group because they all worked so well with each other. The chemistry the cast had created the perfect ensemble and in turn kept me wanting to know what was next. The underlining reason for them getting together was a surprising one and kind of caught me off guard. When films can pull you left when you’re looking right then that’s when you know you have a solid story going on. I liked this movie a lot, not just because of the humor but because it was so real so if you’re in the mood for a great film with some great laughs then you should definitely pick this one up.

Special Features:

Gag Reel – A fantastic feature full of flubbed lines, misfires and the cast just having fun.

Holiday Special: The Making of The Best Man Holiday – It’s your basic behind the scenes look at the film as well as a nice segment with the cast remembering how they were pitched the film in the same place as when they were pitched the initial film.

Alternate Ending (w/Optional Commentary from Malcolm D. Lee) – This ending is actually the original ending of the film and the commentary by Lee goes on to explain his reasons behind the reshoot.

Deleted and Extended Scenes – I was really surprised at this collection of scenes. With a running time of 25 minutes it covers plenty of footage that was left on the cutting room floor.

Smack Talk: Filming the Girl Fight Scene – A feature on the hair pulling fight scene in the film. There were stunt doubles here and there but I was surprised to see that Hall and De Sousa did a lot of their own action scenes.

The Best Man Holiday is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Universal Studios Home Entertainment


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