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The Lookout Blu-Ray




Chris Pratt (), whose once-bright future has been dimmed by a head injury, is a night janitor at a bank. Lonely and frustrated, Chris falls prey to a con man’s seductive promise of romance and a better life, and agrees to help rob the bank where he works. Filled with heart-pounding action, edge-of-your-seat suspense and a twist you’ll never see coming, The Lookout will grip you and never let you go. Written and Directed by .

This movie starts with a care-free Chris Pratt driving along with his girlfriend and friends and things take a turn for the worse. He endures a bad car accident that changes his life from that point. He develops a head injury that impairs him in many ways. He becomes targeted by a group that try to take advantage of him, but he doesn’t go out without a fight. The movie had a good back story and kept me entertained. was great in the film, not his usual spunky self that I have seen in previous films. was also a fantastic addition to this film and played the role of Lewis convincingly. (Luvlee) was also in this film as a love interest to Chris Pratt; she always seems to handle the roles of the imbalanced female ever so well. I really enjoyed the ending, to avoid any spoilers, but I like that you felt a bit of hope for Chris on his road to normalcy. Definitely go out and check this flick. Great for a Friday movie night!

My Likes: Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I mean, isn’t this enough?? Haha. I love the guy and he really is a reason I chose to watch this film. He can act and has such great presence that really, that’s all I need to watch anything that involves this talented man. I also enjoyed the twist at the end for sure. Nothing like the underdog finding his way to the top. I also enjoyed the story; it held a uniqueness that I haven’t seen before.


¬†My Dislikes: What could I nit-pick? I can’t call out too many dislikes but one thing that I would of liked some closure in would have been with Kelly (). He saw her everyday. I was a little confused if he imagined her or if she was really there. Either way, he never really spoke to her again. I would of liked a bit of connection between the two given that he would make it a point to see her each day. Other than that, I think the film flowed well so not many dislikes from me.

Bonus Features:

Behind the Mind of Chris Pratt: We are given a back story on how Joseph prepared for the role as Chris Pratt. He actually spent a lot of time to really get this character perfected.

Sequencing The Lookout: A look at the making-of the film and the many factors involved.

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