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The Movie:

A suspicious car accident leaves Joshua (Ben Barnes) and Emma’s (Sarah Roemer) daughter in a coma. Josh’s word unravels when Emma blames him for the accident and becomes more angry upon discovering he had an affair with an office colleague (Eliza Dushku). Ostrasized from his wife and family and helpless in the face of his daughter’s condition, Josh sinks into a deep depression. When Josh begins to receive mysterious signs from his comatose daughter providing clues to the true cause of the accident, is his daughter really communicating telepathically or is he going mad.

I’m definitely a sucker for a good mystery/thriller. This is one of those movies that once it starts all it takes is one interesting moment to grab you and keep you invested. I’m not going to lie though, the main reason that this film caught my attention was Eliza Dushku. Her being in the film didn’t hurt one bit but let’s take a look at the main players in the film. Barnes gives a believable performance as a man teetering on the line of sanity to find out what happened that one fateful night. Not that I blame him though because what parent wouldn’t want to go to the ends of the earth for their child and find out what may have happened. As the film progresses you can see his desperation begin to build as he tries to figure out why things are happening the way they are and I think that’s where his acting shines. Roemer was just as good as her costars but you couldn’t help be feel sorry for her throughout the entire film. She just emotionally gets put through the wringer over and over again. Some of her best moments came from that though. The way she would go verbally toe to toe with Barnes were some of the highlights of the film. Overall I thought this was a great supernatural thriller that deserves a bit of recognition even though it was a bit short in length. I would say that if you don’t want to purchase the film then at least rent it digitally because either way this is a film that needs to be seen. Great stuff here!

Locked In is available NOW on DVD from Lionsgate


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