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The Movie:

Lara Croft is a wealthy, British archeologist/tomb raider who tries to thwart a secret society/doomesday cult seeking two pieces of a mysterious device hidden in two different places of the world in order to use it during a rare planetary alignment to bring them unlimited power to control or destroy the world.

Video game movies don’t entirely have the greatest reputation but this film came out right before we were getting 25 in a year (I’m exaggerating) so I was excited like everyone else to know they were making a Tomb Raider movie. The film was really fun when it came out and my friends and I talked about it without end but seeing it again after so many years it unfortunately doesn’t hold up too well as far as it being a good adaptation. It’s definitely fun to watch and casting Jolie as Croft was without a doubt perfect at the time but that’s kind of as far as it goes. Don’t get me wrong I’ve watched this movie multiple times and I’ll probably watch it many more but I just don’t see it as “one of the greats”. On the positive side it has tons of action which I do like as well as the nostalgia aspect of it. I suggest picking this up only if you want to relive one of the first video game movies of the 2000’s. 6/10

4K Presentation:

I’m extremely impressed with this version of the film. There’s some great clarity in picture and you can impressively see the textures of skin and even sweat bead off of faces. The colors within each scene seem to be nice and vibrant to the point where you have to blink a few times to make sure that you’re seeing what you’re seeing. Black levels seem to be perfect and no details look to be lost in darker scenes. Definitely a great 4K release!

Special Features:

Digging into Tomb Raider – A pretty good behind the scenes feature that digs into stunts, visual effects as well as the task of taking the film from game to the big screen.

Crafting Lara Croft – A look at Jolie and her training regimen to become Lara Croft.

The Visual Effects of Tomb Raider – An in depth look at a few of the films visual effect scenes.

Tomb Raider Stunts – A look at some of the stunts in the film and how Jolie did them herself.

Are You Game? – A nice feature that focuses on the history of the game franchise.

Deleted Scenes – A few scenes here that actually would’ve been kind of useful if left in the film.

Alternate Main Title

Music Video for “U2 – Elevation”

Audio Commentary with Simon West

Lara Croft Tomb Raider is available NOW on 4K Ultra HD from Paramount


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