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Reba Butler (Yancy Butler) is back again in the third sequel to the Lake Placid series. This time she’s a poacher turned EPA agent after an agreement with the local Fish and Game department. The lake area is now being contained with an electrified fence that is being put up by the Army Corp of Engineers. Soon after the killer crocs make another resurgence and start to terrorize the town once again. Butler teams up with Sheriff Theresa Giove (Elisabeth Röhm) and Engineer Ryan Loflin (Paul Nicholls) to try to help preserve the crocodiles but soon realize that it may not be the smartest thing to let these monsters survive.

You get exactly what you’d expect from a SyFy Channel movie but if you are a horror fan you aren’t going to care one bit. The acting is mediocre (I’ve seen way worse) and even though the special effects weren’t all that great it looks like they had a few tricks up their sleeve to make you not notice it so much. One example was the use of camera shakes at times when the crocodiles attacked and honestly it didn’t really look half bad. I’ve seen plenty of SyFy movies and this one has to be one of the better ones even with the low budget. No one can top Robert Englund as a villain and even without his (in)famous sweater and glove he still excelled. There’s something about his devious smile and maniacal laugh that sends chills down your spine. I did notice that they did take the liberty to add certain lines that sounded like classic Freddy dialogue, most likely to either capitalize on his name or to give a bit of familiarity to the fans. What ever the reason was, it worked. The story wasn’t the greatest but it was nice and simple without getting overly complex. It was pretty much “The crocodiles are back?! Ok, lets kill em all!” and with a film such as this getting straight to the point is needed. Again, it wasn’t the worst but it most definitely isn’t the best. This movie would be perfect for a Saturday night with some friends while you give your own commentary over some of the silliness.

Lake Placid: The Final Chapter is available NOW from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment


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