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The Movie:

Megan (Keira Knightley), a 28-year-old who’s not ready for adulthood, and Annika (Chloë Grace Moretz), a 16-year-old who wonders if there’s life after high school. Panicked after her boyfriend proposes, Megan hides out in the house Annika shares with her single dad (Sam Rockwell). As their paths intertwine in surprising and hilarious ways, Megan and Annika help each other to stop lagging…and start living!

It really took little to no effort to get me to watch this movie simply because of the cast involved. I’ve been a fan of all three actors for numerous years now so I was definitely looking forward to this. The story, I feel, is something that everyone goes through. Maybe not to the extent that Megan did but internally we all go through a period where we just don’t want to grow up and some people try to fight and fight against it constantly until you have to meet it head on. The majority of this film is something that people can identify with in some shape or form and if a film has that power to make a mark on someone then it has one of the best chances of being successful. The film wasn’t hilarious but it had this kind of cute humor that women will love and guys won’t feel weird about watching a romantic comedy. Knightly is a completely loveable mess that isn’t entirely innocent in her goings on but still comes out to be someone that you end up feeling bad for in a sense because of her situation. Rockwell is always amazing in every role he plays and consistently injects funny sarcasm that makes him so likeable. His chemistry with Knightly is undeniable and the best moments of the film are the ones that they share together on screen. I’ve been a fan of Moretz since her early roles and in this film she is undeniably adorable and sweet which makes me a fan of hers all over again. She was fantastic and gets better with every film that she’s in. As I stated before, this is a movie that men and women will dig and perfect for a date night. This one is a great one to check out. 9/10

Special Features:

Audio Commentary with Director Lynn Shelton

Lagging On with Lynn Shelton – Shelton gives some good info about the film along with film clips and cast interviews.

Shooting Seattle: The Look of Laggies – A look at the city of Seattle and some of the film community.

Deleted Scenes – About 10 minutes worth of scenes here that aren’t too bad but are definitely worth checking out.

Laggies is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Lionsgate


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