The Many Kills of Freddy Krueger

We all fear something and we all have nightmares. Growing up there was only one person I feared. Freddy Krueger. He stalked my dreams and my imagination almost daily. As I got much older I started to appreciate A Nightmare on Elm Street a bit more (especially the first one) and see the way he killed his victims in a different way. Yes it was gruesome but there was a twisted yet sense-of-humor filled way of doing it. Whether it was Freddy pulling someone into a bed, pulling them around like a puppet or morphing out of the TV and using the most memorable line “Welcome to Prime-time bitch!” it always ended with some sort of punchline. When a new Nightmare movie came out I always wondered “How is Freddy going to kill these people this time?”. As the franchise went on it became more comedic until 1994 when  Wes Craven came back to the series he started and made Freddy scary again. Nine years later Freddy made his way back on to the screen in the fanboy battle film Freddy vs Jason. After that it was apparent that Mr. Krueger had made a comeback in 2010 a remake of the original Nightmare on Elm Street was released although without the involvement of longtime Freddy actor Robert Englund. As long as people have nightmares it’s be safe to say that Freddy will always be right around the corner.

Below is a pretty cool video I came across that complies pretty much every kill in the Nightmare series.



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