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The Movie:

As John F. Kennedy (Lowe) rises to become U.S. president, a former Marine grows disillusioned with America. When their paths ultimately cross, the course of history is changed forever as seen in this mesmerizing film about the assassination of JFK — and its chilling aftermath.

There have been many films based of the tragic events that happened in Dallas, Texas in 1963 but not many like this one. Killing Kennedy is basically told from the view point of Lee Harvey Oswald which is fairly unique from what has come out before.  gave a pretty chilling performance as Oswald and showed the frame of mind he was in before he committed the terrible infamous act. Since I’ve seen  in so many other things it was hard for me to completely believe her Russian accent at first. It seemed like a parody of a Russian person which isn’t good but as it got a bit more dramatic it came across a lot more genuine for some reason. My only disappointment was the lack of  and . In a film called Killing Kennedy there wasn’t so much of him or Jackie O. There were certain instances of things that went on but it lacked elaboration on certain subjects. All in all I think it provided an interesting take on a subject that has be talked about since that day in ’63 without going into conspiracy theories at all (because we all know there are plenty of them to go around). The film takes on Oswald’s side of the story but doesn’t promote the act of violence that is committed but in fact honors President Kennedy even thought they could’ve shown that part a bit more. At a running time of about an hour and a half this is the perfect film to see if you’re interested in history of it without having to sit through a 4 hour documentary.

Special Features:

Camelot’s End: The Making of Killing Kennedy – A 20 minute feature that shows interviews with the cast and clips from the film.

Killing Kennedy: An Interview with Author Bill O’Reilly – A look at O’Reilly and his work on writing the source material.

The Kennedy Mystique – Cast and crew talk a bit about President Kennedy and what he meant to the nation.

Virginia is for Lovers: Tourism Commercial – Your typical tourist commercial.

Extended Version – There is about a 2 minute difference between the two that you would only be able to tell if you paid close attention. Either way I always pick the extended version.

Killing Kennedy is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


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