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The Movie:

William Friedkin directs this dark comedy starring Matthew McConaughey, Emile Hirsch, Juno Temple, Gina Gershon and Thomas Haden Church. Joe Cooper (McConaughey) is a detective with the Dallas Police Department with a side job as a hit man and because of that side job he’s dubbed Killer Joe. A man named Chris (Hirsch) along with his sister Dottie (Temple) and father Ansel (Haden Church) hire Joe to kill his mother after finding out about a life insurance policy she holds. When the family can’t pay Joe his fee up front he decides to take a retainer……and that retainer is Dottie. Things end up not going exactly as planned and Joe will not give up his retainer fee at any costs.

It takes a twisted mind with a weird sense of humor to like this movie. I must have both because I really enjoyed it. It takes a look at your run of the mill family but with a demented side. When you read what this movie is about you don’t think any sort of comedy is involved but it’s there…..just very dark. This movie goes to places that make you question if you should be laughing or not but in the end you end up snickering anyway. Emile Hirsch was really good as Chris and brought to the table the desperation of a man looking to make some money to pay someone else back. Even if he has to kill his own mother. Thomas Haden Church’s role in this movie really reminded me of his character Lowell from Wings. He plays dumb really well (It’s a total compliment, I swear.) and Ansel blatantly allows himself to get pulled into Chris’ “master plan”. Dottie is the girl that seems not so smart but is really on top of it all and realizes more than people think and Juno Temple played it fantastically. I felt like Gina Gershon played the same role I’ve seen her play in the past…..A total B!$#@. She didn’t stand out a whole lot in my opinion but her character was an integral part of the story. Now there’s Matthew McConaughey. This man really brought Killer Joe to life. You look at him and you can’t tell if he’s going to be totally calm or as he puts it “rip off your face and wear it on his.” and that’s what make it so great. He’s unpredictable and brutal and that makes for a very memorable performance. One warning: The film’s finale will make you see fried chicken in a different light.

Special Features:

Southern Fried Hospitality: From Stage To Screen – A nice, lengthy 25 minute feature on how Tracy Letts and William Friedkin took it from the inception of the writing process to the making of the film itself including the casting process.

SXSW Q&A with Cast – An entertaining and very humorous 40 minute Q&A session with a few cast members after a screening of the film.

SXSW Intro by William Friedkin – A quick intro to the film by the director himself.

I suggest this film to you all. It really is a funny (and sometimes inappropriate) film that will having you drawn in like watching a car wreck. You try to look away but in the end you just can’t. Whether you love the film or completely hate it I can guarantee you won’t forget it.

Killer Joe comes to you December 21st on Blu-ray and DVD from Lionsgate Home Entertainment


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