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The Movie:

A Russian Space station crashes in Amsterdam, releasing a deadly virus that turns everyday citizens into flesh-craving psychopaths. Aziz (Yahya Gaier), his brother Mo (Mimoun Ouled Radi) and several strangers emerge from jail, oblivious to the mayhem until they team up with a local police officer (Gigi Ravelli). After receiving a desperate call for help, this unlikely band of heroes sets out on an insane rescue mission – and it’s going to take a seriously crazy plan if they want to get out alive.

I’m a zombie movie lover and I’ve watched A LOT of them. No, seriously. A LOT! There is one difference between this and all the other zombie movies I’ve seen before. I’ve never seen a Dutch one. Yes Dutch. The movie itself isn’t a polished big studio film but it is done rather well. It is completely in Dutch for the most part with small parts here and there in English but there are subtitles. For some people that might be a deal breaker but it didn’t bother me at all because in the end it’s all about the entertainment factor of the film that makes or breaks it and surprisingly this movie is pretty damn fun. Notice that I said fun and not funny. It’s comedy zombie movie or Zomedy if you will but the humor can be a bit too wacky at times where it comes across too campy but it is very reminiscent of Shaun Of The Dead. Even down to some of the situations in the film, you will find a lot of likenesses. The gore is exactly what you expect in a zombie film so that was pretty comforting but the only thing is that the undead bleed green. I’m assuming they did this to be different than every other horror film but it does make it a little strange to see them covered in green goo like they’ve just been to the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards. It’s not up to par to Shaun but it’s a film that you’ll definitely have a good time watching…..even if it is in another language.

Special Features:

Unfortunately there are none which is a bit of a disappointment.

Kill Zombie! is available June 10th on Blu-ray and DVD from Well Go USA




Well Go USA has also given us 2 Blu-ray copies to give away to our readers! It’s as simple as always, just enter in the form down below and Good Luck!

The contest is open to U.S Residents ONLY. The winner will be notified by email when it’s over. Winner has 24 hours to respond before I do another random drawing. Good Luck everyone!

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