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The Movie:

Simon Pegg plays the cunning assassin, Charlie Wolfe, who discovers he isn’t the only person trying to kill the temptress of a sun-drenched surfing town (Alice Braga). Charlie quickly finds himself at the center of three tales of murder, mayhem, blackmail and revenge.
We’re all used to seeing Pegg in roles that are goofy comic relief but this time around we actually see him in a role that is unlike what he’s ever done. In this dark comedy he’s one of those characters that are obviously bad but you can’t help but like him. Maybe it’s because of his previous roles but all I see is Shaun. This movie has an interesting and funny concept that reminds me a little bit of The Whole Nine Yards with various people plotting and scheming to kill someone. The movie is separated into chapters for the three “kills” in the film which make it feel almost Tarantino-esque to a certain degree. I loved the way that this film managed to mix thrills, action and comedy all together pretty seamlessly and still kept it all entertaining. The surprising thing about the film was the inclusion of Luke Hemsworth in the film. Yes, in case you’re wondering he’s another Hemsworth brother (they’re everywhere). He didn’t really play a huge part as far as story goes but of course he ended up with one of the women in the film. I liked this film a lot. Mainly because it wasn’t the type of film that you had to rack your brain at to figure what was going on. It was just fun. Definitely check this one out if you have some time. 7/10
Special Features:
Filmmaker Commentaries
The Making of Kill Me Three Times – A look at the film with clips as well as interviews with the cast and how they feel about their characters.
Deleted Scene – This was actually a pretty entertaining scene that probably could’ve been left in.
Q&A – A panel that was recorded at the BFI London Film Festival in October 2014.
Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery
Poster Gallery

Kill Me Three Times is available NOW on Blu-ray and DVD from Magnolia Home Entertainment


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