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The Movie:

Amanda (Katie Cassidy) is a girl that’s trying to cope with sudden disappearance of her best friend/roommate. When her other roommate decides it’s time to rent out the extra room again they make it available for a girl named Hailey (Tracy Spiridakos). They quickly become friends and eventually their new friendship develops into something a bit more. Amanda’s ex-boyfriend comes into the picture and pleads with her that he’s innocent after being accused of her best friends’ disappearance. One afternoon he shows up at her home and attacks her viciously. Hailey shows up and tries to stop the attack and ends up killing him in the process. They agree to hide the murder and do what they have to keep it secret. The only thing is now Hailey wants a favor in return. She wants Amanda to kill for her.

As soon as the film started the first thing that came to mind was “Lifetime Movie Of The Week”. My mind was quickly changed as the movie progressed. It may not be a blockbuster but it is a pretty decent thriller. It also doesn’t hurt that Katie Cassidy is easy in the eyes. I LOVED Cassidy’s work on Harper’s Island and her brief appearance in the Nightmare On Elm Street remake. This movie really made me like her work even more. Her performance was full of emotion and at times it was pretty physical making it that much more interesting to watch. If there was such thing as a crazy tree then Spiridakos’ character sure fell off of it. She played it well down to the look in her eyes. There were moments where I felt her performance was a bit campy but those moments were brief. Honorable mention goes out to Donal Logue. I’m used to seeing him in comedic roles so seeing him in a thriller like this was a great change. Also, I don’t know if anyone knows this but……he can be kind of creepy…lol. The thing I enjoyed about this film the most was the way it kept you guessing until the absolute end. The story was a bit predictable but after a while I wasn’t entirely sure which character was telling the truth. This is the perfect movie for a lazy weekend and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Special Features:

The Making of Kill For Me – A behind the scenes look at the film including cast and crew interviews.

Kill For Me is available NOW on DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment


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